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The White Goliath

Why do you stand out from the rest
like you are something different
your silly urge to be antithetic
Why do you grow in strength every day
while your black cousins abate
Why do you snap at the slightest jhatka
and rise like a phoenix overnight

I push you left, right, front and back
and still you want to disobey the order
The servile blacks stand in place
bend when I ask them to
suck in that oil when offered
And you ! You wave to the world ; unruffled
People! Look at me!

I always preach against pretension
but you push me to the limits
Some like you; your charm; your natural maturity
I can't take it anymore
Someday I will
I really will
You can't breach my regime
and get away with it

All it'll take is a drop from the black sea
a handful of water
Soon you all will be the same
Eqaulity 7-2521
Because in this world
no hair should be different from the rest


In the capacious auditorium aptly named V3 (we three - the professor, students and the spirit of knowledge) assemble thrice a week for classes of 'Marketing Management'. It stinks up the whole atmosphere - I mean the spirit of knowledge. I like the AC, the lighting, the seats where the prof. gets to stare at your knees. I meet a varied collection of students- some batchmates, some juniors and majority being unfamiliar intelligentsia.

It isn't a small group we are dealing with here. A massive assemblage of 150 odd brains, each confident about his skills as a manager, as a think tank, as an out-of the-box guy. Our gurus on 'The Apprentice' provide us the perfect catchline of teamwork and leadership :

"You gotta step up to the plate"....what plate ?

Each session gets a bountiful dosage of marketing strategies. As much as I would like to concur with the red-shirt pimply guy who challenges the strategies of Asian Paints and Bajaj, the grandiosities involved in th…

First Blog ---> Blog Style

3 things I wouldn't want to be asked (in no order of priority) :

a. Cricket Scores.
b. Training details, unless you are really interested.
c. Proxy.

5 immediate problems in my life :

a. Dhobi steadily losing my clothes.
b. Too much time spent at Harry's.
c. Girl-time has turned prosaic.
d. Apprentice thinks viewers are morons; making upcoming shows more predictable than ever before.
e. My blog and 'sense of humour' are under attack.

4 things I love about life right now :

a. Weather, at times.
b. Hall Days.
c. Mathematics.
d. Haircut.

1 Thing(s) I'd like to learn RIGHT NOW (Trinity style - The Matrix) :

a. Urban Design - Landscaping -- those type of things/ and those things/ etc.

Favourite music groups right now :

Led Zeppelin
Black Eyed Peas

2 things that scare me right now :

a. Abysmal amount of India-China statistics
b. That my fan might stop working again.

S.N. Hall Day

On this historic day (Sunday, March 13th 2005), a slice of the KGP boys dared to attend the SN Hall Day...

Some dressed up, some claimed they didn't.

It is a sin to be unaccompanied in a Hall Day. Some took refuge with their wingies, some with their dept. mates. Only the cocksure or the blessed (with a female) walked in undaunted.

Whats the deal with F, G, Q, W...20 years of ABCD, and now you except us to put up with this ?

You are in...

You walk past the wings, peek in avoiding attention and barge into the rooms that interest you. Girl is dressed up for the day - Saree, Kurta, psychedelic kurta or tops in vivid shapes and sizes. Beds are all cushiony, walls decorated. It is a different world. It is Venus.

After a while, Girl, who just offered you Kurkure for the 5th time, shows this white blank sheet - koraa kaagaz. She says, "Please write something", which actually translates in your head into 'Give me an utmost creative gist of yourself, me, us, my room and life with a…

Fan Club

I look up at the ceiling, and I see three clear stripes of dirt, pointing in divergent directions. The room is exceptionally quiet. The diligent hard disk seems to be making a terrible amount of noise. A small drop of sweat trickles down the oily side of my face, while other beads are ready to emerge. I sigh, and look up again. The three stripes haven't moved. Damn, the world seems so static. Could things get any worse ?

I just realized something. We take the fan for granted (what do you know ! tis the silliest human greviance ever). Look at the poor chap, all grimy and oily. You wash your face at least twice a day (i hope), don't you ? Why can't it get the same treatment ? In the middle ages, there were slaves who were specifically employed to clean those blades. The black slaves would run their fingers on the surface and create beautiful patterns. These one of the first and possibly the last "fan-arts". It is an english word which was delibrately converted to la…

Guitar Blues

previous blog - week 3

Day 1 was consummate - Uncle was friendly. Aunty smiled. Tea was seconded by namkeen. Boy looked cute.
Day 2 was annoying - Aunty meant business. She influenced song selection. She served tea tardily.
Day 3 was terrible - Aunty was a royal pain in the ass. Aunty was a royal pain in the ass.

And now you can imagine what Day 4 was.
See, money was never an issue for me - sorry, incorrect usage. Money has never been an issue for me. Apart from a month long stint at an architectural firm, I have never actually been PAID for anything. It took a lot of effort to bargain for this job sans embarrasment. It took a lot of tenacity to endure Aunty's Antics - "beta haan. wo fast bajao."..."Arre, aapne Shivam ko kuch sikhaaya hi nahi"..."Shivam beta, paani pee lo".

Day 4

Time was around 7:10pm. I had already spent one and a half hours at the Gupta Household. Aunty was at my left side, grinning with pride (Did she not notice me looking at the watch…