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The bird flu thing

"More than eight lakh chickens would be culled and another two lakh vaccinated..."
"Birds sent to London lab..."

I am not sure what exactly culled means. At least, I was totally oblivious of its context till this morning. My wordweb defines it as : 'Remove something that has been rejected/ look for and gather.'

When I read these multiple news items yesterday, I thought the chickens were being sent away to a happy place - like a disneyland for hens at London. How bad could this culling activity be ? The dirty hens were of course being vaccinated. But that is just a prick of an injection, right ? As more news flew into my computer today, the euphemistic expressions were steadily displaced by more direct phrases - birds to be burnt! killed! I wish I was shocked by it. Instead, I was flooded with apathy, quite aptly captured by my favourite american expression - whatever!

At this point, I must state that despite being a consumer of chicken-products, I am still …

How to make life simpler

I finally have enough fundaa w.r.t to RSS Readers to help all you blog readers out there. For those who want concrete knowledge, click here and here for tutorials on RSS.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for syndicating news. Which means that instead of searching for news from various sources, you can receive news from all of them, in the way you want them. Any website which supports RSS will have a link for a feed which you feed to your reader. The reader aggregates whatever information is relevant and displays it to you. This screenshot should give you some idea.

The RSS Reader I am using is freeware and quite crude. If you search for better readers, you can find some that even support filters for the feeds - which means more customized information.

Some of the Indian News Sites I am subscribing to are Rediff, Indian Express and Times of India. Rediff gives relevant compiled information. Times of India has customized RSS feeds. But it is updated only once a day (like a ne…


Situation - A man running in slow motion towards you.
Three things that will enhance his appeal :

1. A bouquet.
2. A rifle.
3. A jacket or similar fluttering clothing
4. Indian flag ; Rain (courtesy Susheela)
5. ______

Three things that will mar his appeal :

1. A bucket
2. A book
3. A man running alongside equipped with the previous list of items.
4. Broom-stick ; Lungi ; A running lady overtaking him (courtesy Susheela)
5. _____

Situation - You are munching food.
Three things that'll ruin your your appeal :

1. Kela
2. Idli
3. Mango (courtesy Nimesh)
4. _____

Three things that'll rocket our appeal (especially if you are a female) :

1. Grapes
2. Cold Drinks
3. Choco-bar (courtesy Sandeep)
4. _____

Situation - You are introducing yourself.
Three things you should never say :

1. Myself name
2. Mujhse Dosti Karoge
3. I love blogging.
4. _____

Three things you might want to say :

1. Hi
2. I am a student of the dept of...
I have come from...
My hobbies are .. (courtesy Himadri)
3. ______

(please add entries if …