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The Battle for the Online Indian Consumer - Part 1

India boasts of big numbers. As of March 2013, India has 160 million internet users, and 86 million active users of mobile internet. The potential however is much bigger, with 430 million internet enabled mobile devices. Facebook, the poster child for India mobile usage, gets 30% of its new users via mobile registration, and 30% of its users are mobile only internet users.
Multiple businesses are actively pursuing this opportunity in 2014. In the first 5 months, we have seen campaigns from 6 separate websites - a significant portion of the campaigns are focused solely on mobile usage. Let's try and understand the intent behind each campaign and assess their effectiveness. 
Note: The business objectives and campaign effectiveness mentioned below are based on own opinion and do not include any official inputs.
Key drivers of ecommerce business are broadly the factors below.  1. Product assortment - what the business offers within its declared universe 2. Experience - the usage journ…

A Review of Indian Election Inspired Advertising

It's election season in India for the past few months and the topic has dominated online and offline discussions. And when elections are the central activity / attention of the nation, as a marketeer for FMCG brands, it's quite tempting to plan creatives around the topic during the season. Over late 2013 and 2014, we have seen at least 11 Indian brands which have developed dedicated commercials around the election theme. The categories have been quite diverse from noodles to electrical wires, telecom to vests. Given the marketing investment backing these campaigns, let's try to answer the obvious question: When does it make sense to plan an election themed advertising for your brand?
The role of advertising is to 1) Get a brand noticed and 2) Refresh and improve brand association using distinctive cues. This grows brand mental salience for the consumer and hopefully then grows market share! (source). In addition to the usual advertising principles (where we assess the cre…

Crying babies - A Guide to New Fathers for Efficient Crisis Resolution

Mothers (in India or any other country) have some weird feeling called motherly instinct to guide them around their infants. Unfortunately millions of us new fathers struggle with our respective babies. The only strong feelings we have resulted in a baby. And while we coasted along with the pregnancy, we are quite prone to being declared useless in handling crises related to our progeny.

Here's a handy flowchart designed for efficient, structured resolution of the situation. Patent pending.