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Goodbye PGP21

Dear Seniors

I wish you the best for your future. I'd like to thank you for your love, support and:

1) One extra computer table
2) One chair
3) One can of olive oil
4) One cane shoe rack
5) Blank CDs

and for guiding us etc etc.

INDEX 2007

Get INDEXed for life.

The Ugly Fish Story

Another masterpiece from Suhaib:

Fishes look cute. Fish tanks are also good things to have at home. Unless they happen to burst unexpectedly.

I was sitting alone at home one day and whoosh! That thing cracked and there was water all over the place. I looked around and there were dozens of fishes, flipping about frantically. I stood frozen for a few seconds,

I scooped whatever icky-disgusting live fish I could find from the floor and plopped them in the bucket of water. I think half died even before I could reach them. I checked the bucket in the end and half of them had conked off inside.

My cousins came back after a few hours. They looked at the poor catch I'd made from the home-pool of water. They wept. And I thought - hmm, maybe fishes aren't the right pet for me.