The White Goliath

Why do you stand out from the rest
like you are something different
your silly urge to be antithetic
Why do you grow in strength every day
while your black cousins abate
Why do you snap at the slightest jhatka
and rise like a phoenix overnight

I push you left, right, front and back
and still you want to disobey the order
The servile blacks stand in place
bend when I ask them to
suck in that oil when offered
And you ! You wave to the world ; unruffled
People! Look at me!

I always preach against pretension
but you push me to the limits
Some like you; your charm; your natural maturity
I can't take it anymore
Someday I will
I really will
You can't breach my regime
and get away with it

All it'll take is a drop from the black sea
a handful of water
Soon you all will be the same
Eqaulity 7-2521
Because in this world
no hair should be different from the rest