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Black Wednesday

27th April was not a good day for me - or for the 9 people who where involved in this gory tale of stupidity, chaos and luck. Presenting Black Wednesday :

It all started on the night of 26th April, when I decided at 11pm that it was quite necessary for me to wash my face. As I left the room with my St.Ives Apricot Scrub [direct maal from Sydney], I noticed a brand new Titan watch on my left wrist. My brain's right hemisphere crunched the figures and facts and zipped a wave of data to the left hemisphere - "Hey ! This isn't yours !" A millisecond later, the analysis and corresponding conclusion was drawn - Remove the watch and then wash your face.

My mighty muscles tugged at the local strap hurriedly realizing that their friend, the brain, had to study for an exam. It broke. I spent a few minutes feigning interest in repairing it. When that was over, I picked up the buckle and the rest of the watch and proceeded towards Vamsi's room [B-308 AZAD Hall] to return the …


It is quite a hard thing to accept, but there are quite amm...I can't find the right word - let us settle with duplicate, replica or a fancy facsimile. Yes, there quite a few *** in the world than you imagine. And let this misconception not riddle you for a second that you are the best or cream of the lot.

'Hate' would be too strong a word. I would say I have a strong dislike for people who share my name. Birthday buddies were hard enough to bear in school ( yes Vishal, I did not enjoy it :) Thankfully the rare "Iyer" tag in the northern half of the country ensured a certain identity, at least with the surname.

I terribly pity the Abhinavs, Nehas, Sameers, Varuns and Siddharths of my generation. What were your parents thinking ?
"Hi. I am Varun Sharma."
"Me too"
"Me too"
"hehe....I am Varun SINGH."

I recall this 100% true incident that happened in Mhow (yes, with the car and all - more on that later...). Our neighbourhood had its…

DIB 342 - The School Jaunts

DIB 342 (our fiat car)used to guzzle an awful amount of petrol. As my dad quoted on some sunny day - 'isko soongne ke liye 15 litre chahiye' (it requires 15 litres to even smell the fuel). Legend says that the car used to hit speeds upto 100 km/h - sadly, it was not so in the 90's. Believe it or not, the car accelerated faster in reverse than in ANY front gear. Fed up with it all, my father decided somewhere along the timeline to install an alternative fuel source. Alas ! Those weren't the days of 'natural gas'. The only aspect natural about the car was its unsteady disposition. We acquiesced on the next-best-thing - LPG.

Quite simply explained, the fuel supply now was directly in control of the driver - a knob near his seat would change its pressure. To simply start the car, one would have to juggle hands between the ignition, steering wheel and the knob in those few seconds. The unsuccessful attempts would release a whiff of LPG. And as you all know, LPG isn&#…

Bad Luck People

My Fan conked off...again...about a week back. Of course, this time I knew the tricks of the trade - deep breathing, keeping the doors and windows open, greeting and entertaining all who entered and enquired and mocked the situation.

It took just 3 trips of complaint registration.

The repair-men fortunately came at a time when I was in the room. Orrr...I stayed back in the room long enough so that they would be able to do their job. There was the stunning chinky guy with a stunning red tee; and the morose bengali man with the dingy bengali kurta. When the chinky dropped a washer, it hopped on the floor like a juvenile, rolling down to an unreachable part under the bed (Of course in a 3m X 4m space, you can't have many exasperating cases of Murphy's Law). As a contrast (I am sure you are enjoying the similie), the scotch tape that the senior passed looked so sad, stretched and plastered over a knife, all sticky. And we all know how that feels...

Ever wondered how dreadful a works…

DIB 342 - an introduction

I am sure you will agree with me on this. A family is made of not only the humanoid members, but also objects, places, events that create that a web of memories, experiences and inside jokes. All feelings of nostalgia, pain, homesickness, sickness emerge from these.

Not too long ago, we owned a car called the Fiat (premier padmini). You cannot offhand realize my jubilance when I use the word "owned". We got rid of it prior to shifting to Delhi. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. This is one of those many incidents which I plan to document. There is a plethora of memories associated with the car. The chronological order might be a bit skewed, but I assure you that will in no way affect the authenticity. An insight into our car - DIB 342

There might be a few readers out there who are not aware about this phenomenon called 'Fiat'. Till maruti entered the market in mid 80's, the Indian consumer had to choose between a rotund ambassador and the Fiat. A few e…

Requiem for rediff

A short dedication to - it stinks. It made my blogs disappear. All I was left after a fresh post was the fresh blog. A small shift in brands. Jai blogspot, goodbye rediff. is officially dead. I delibrately will keep it alive - let it die, bit by bit.

The Apprentice

I always have had a tingling suspicion that the show is tweaked.

a priori - All the 120 hours of recording are done prior to the packaging of each episode. Which means that the judgement is out before they edit it into one hour.

The thrill of the show lies not only in the tasks, but also in the apprehension - Who'll get fired this time ? My whole effort of not participating in 'Apprentice' discussions is so that the suspense in unavowed. Through the 40 minutes of tasks and drama, the viewer constantly points his mental finger at one candidate or the other. The showmakers cleverly plan the flow of events to bend the viewer's noesis to predict exactly what they want him to. At the end, he assumes he had figured it all out, giving him an extra boost and an incentive to watch the next one. Or they resort to shock therapy, and give the exact opposite judgement. The 3 second high ensures that the audience is anxious for the next apprentice.

A few cyncial friends of mine believ…