S.N. Hall Day

On this historic day (Sunday, March 13th 2005), a slice of the KGP boys dared to attend the SN Hall Day...

Some dressed up, some claimed they didn't.

It is a sin to be unaccompanied in a Hall Day. Some took refuge with their wingies, some with their dept. mates. Only the cocksure or the blessed (with a female) walked in undaunted.

Whats the deal with F, G, Q, W...20 years of ABCD, and now you except us to put up with this ?

You are in...

You walk past the wings, peek in avoiding attention and barge into the rooms that interest you. Girl is dressed up for the day - Saree, Kurta, psychedelic kurta or tops in vivid shapes and sizes. Beds are all cushiony, walls decorated. It is a different world. It is Venus.

After a while, Girl, who just offered you Kurkure for the 5th time, shows this white blank sheet - koraa kaagaz. She says, "Please write something", which actually translates in your head into 'Give me an utmost creative gist of yourself, me, us, my room and life with a punch of humour.'
The boys/men splutter and choke inside like a fish about to be sushi-fied. The thought that any good or bad shit would invariably be documented and displayed to the rest of the hall is just poetic. Only a few pass the test successfully (don't think too much about this, it isn't you).

The safest one-liners are given below. Follow it for a safe 7.5 C.G in SN :

1) 'I don't know what to write' - A succinct comment with a dash of honesty. If veracity is your strongest virtue, make sure you pen it down in THE GIRL's room. It is also an all-time favourite for women that have little to do/offer in your life.

2) 'Keep Smiling (symbol) (symbol) ' - See, you can't beat this. It displays optimism, a genuine fake interest in the subject's happiness. The smileys will divert attention from your 'creative' line. If a red sketch pen is available - Go for it.

3)'What a Clean Room !!' - Very innovative. Girl would have heard it every year, over the past n years. But your keen observation power will definitely be acknowledged.

4)'Sometimes in life, I think and realize that you have been so sweet that I can't help but...blah blah' - Stretch your line so much, that all Girl is left with is a vague feeling of elation.

When boys meet boys, there are plenty of topics to string all the friend circles of the room-guy : Women, Cricket, AOE, dc++ (ah..geeks). Even if that doesn't help, the Maa-Behan abuses should get you into the groove. It doesn't matter if you don't know the other guys. You all do the same stuff in your room anyway. You bicker,laugh, bitch and move on...

But when in a girl's room, it is of utmost importance who else is present. Let us take 3 hypothetical cases :

1) You are a dept guy. A quick peek and you meekly/confidently step in. After the niceties, you place your butt on the table edge, the shoe heel friction barely holding your weight. The room is infested with her community (bong, uddu, mallu..). You jest about the Prof or Lab-Report ...Girl smiles and comments...about something...in an alien language..to THEM...stupid, stupid. You retreat into a shell, enjoy the kurkure. Wrong time, wrong place.

2) Room 2. You are event-buddy (song,dance,drama). Girl is busy with ...others. You have always enjoyed max time with her. Today, you are robbed of attention by the red-shirt guy. You eye your kurta with a frown. You either swallow all this, or quietly walk out.

3) Room 3. Right hand is chip-chip with previous room's rasgulla syrup. You are suddenly greeted at the doorstep by Girl. You artfully rub the fingers against each other, till the chip-chip-feeling and fine-black-thread-like-particles cease to exist. Girl is your best-friend from school. Fascinated by the teddy bears and candlelighting, your mind grows blank. You stare at the Hrithik posters, while new guests pour in - Time's up baby...

All the embarrassment or discomfort would be tripled if you have/might have/had feelings for the girl. This caveat is a few days late, so I hope things went fine for you.

If you are one of those who enjoyed the Hall Day, I am glad...spread the word.
If you are one of those ego-bruised morons, god help you (I am sure Girl had tons of things to do and hence you didn't get your 2 minutes of attention. Live with it)
If you are one of those who refused to attend it...smart boy...


  1. I haven't read any other hilarious article on SN Hall Day......Whats on rocks this year....???? And when most of ur "batchmate crushes" are busy with their jobs, leaving u alone .... unemployed .... to drink ur vodka to full.....still alone:D

    Who am I??? Your Best boy from Maurya's wing.

    Us din daruu party mein kyon nehi aaye????


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