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Wherever you go, our network pain follows...

"Mobile Phones are not allowed beyond the staircase of PGP Block during the examination period. If any Mobile Phone is found with student, the same will be confiscated and the same will be considered an attempt to use unfair means."

And thus I am gifted 2 hours of bliss on every day of mid term examination.

For those post exam hours I can unaudaciously walk in the campus. I am de-linked. I am free from the guilt of not having my cellphone with me. Believe me, it's a burden worth dumping. Your cellphone weighs more than the average 100gm that Nokia claims. It carries innumerable reins stuffed up your nose (sorry, couldn't find a softer analogy). Anytime anyone wants to contact you, they just yank it. And you have to oblige....

Society Norms:

1. You can not swtich off your cellphone.
2. You pick up calls if you are not on another call.
3. You (bloody well) call back if you don't take a call immediately.

If wish there were more states for a mobile than ON or OFF.

Sure, SMSe…