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Follow Your Heart

It was a day of celebration on Saturday. A whole lot of alums had come down for a marriage at Lucknow. People asked me today how I could strike a conversation lasting for hours with INDEX seniors 3 batches upstream. I proudly boasted that my committee INDEX shared a healthy culture - that we naturally got along well and had hot topics of discussion including administrative issues, tent vendors and ways to plan sponsorship brochures. Somehow, that truth didn't impress them at all. So I related another conversation to convince them that it wasn't all futile.

During the marriage while squirming on cold scoops of ice-creams, we were chatting with the alumni about career paths. As prospective recruits for top MNCs (tomorrow's CEOs, cream of society etc etc) we were clueless about our life's direction. As an answer to a short question, Pranav ended his opinion with - "XYZ will be things you should consider. Of course, follow your heart..."

I clarified, "I am sor…

That Ugly Thing

Notice that ugly thing on the table.

No, I mean to the left.

No, I mean the Extreme Left.

Yes, those are the new ugly vases in our mess.

Like all things unwanted and management based, the vases were introduced to achieve four objectives:

1. To obscure vision
2. To reduce conversations
3. To help finish meals faster
4.To annoy students in general

Prior to this, people looked forward to mess banter. Nowadays, our seating action is promptly followed by a grunt and a swift displacement of the vase to the farthest corner of the table. I always assumed that cribbing about inane things and being morose about bright fake flowers was encouraged. But over the past week I've started getting dirty looks and dwindling meal company. So I decided to put it down in the blog and exhaust my vexation.

The part that bugs me the most is that it hides the face of the person seated opposite. They come in four colors - Ugly Pink, Ugly Yellow, Ugly Red and Ugly Orange. Given my subtle tendency to choose female comp…