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Slippery Salesmen

I attempted a different format. Do check the slideshow below.

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Fiction mein Dum nahi hai

SET Max and Star Plus launched high profile quiz-game shows this summer, spending close to a crore on its hosts for each episode.Sadly for them, the two game shows on television aren't doing well at all. Dus Ka Dum hosted by Salman Khan on SET MAX delivered 2.5 TRP ratings on the day of its debut (June 6). Shah Rukh Khan's quiz show, Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez hain, on Star Plus got a first rating of 4.61 on April 25, before it dropped to 1.97 on June 6. For comparison: the inaugural IPL match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Bangalore Royal Challengers had 7.2 TRP. [Source]

Definition of TRP (For those who aren't clear about it)
TRP is measured by TAM Media, a joint venture between AC Nielsen and IMRB. They monitor TV habits in Class I towns (population greater than 1 lakh). One TRP point indicates that 1% of the population was watching the show. When used for the broadcast of a program, usually the average rating across the duration of the show is given.[Sources 1,2,3]


The Black Baniyan

The day I returned from my maiden dance class in April, I was brimming in good spirits. My parents noticed the same and enquired about the class. "Kya seekha?" they asked. Promptly I folded my arms across one another like Jeanie, squatted to a chair like posture. I said, "It began with this." and began gyrating my pelvis back and forth. Believe me, this is an excellent warm up sequence. But of course, they cleanly missed that aspect. They stood politely, but my sister couldn't take it. She gurgled and then went "A ha ha ha ha ha..."

The hip exercises were embarrassing enough. My demonstration ended abruptly and I escaped from showcasing any of the dance sequences over the last ten weeks.

Don't get me wrong. My parents are quite proud of my hobby. In fact, my mama was informed quite earnestly about it. He asked on the phone, "What kind of dance are you learning?" I couldn't gyrate over the phone. And Jazz is a mysterious term, providing…

MotoMusic in India

"Motorola is expanding its business in Asia. Recently, they launched another one of their Motomusic service in India. It is an added service provider for music or radio and net purposes of mobile phones. Bharti Airtel will be the first telecom to offer Motomusic." [Source]

Although the official website for Motorola isn't reflecting this change yet, I am hoping for an early rollout of this service. Given the proliferation of MP3 enabled mobile devices, a formal channel for music download is an imperative for the music business. I also happened to watch this video in the series Authors@Google with Don Tapscott. He is the author of the book Wikinomics - How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything . He made a wonderful statment about the music industry.

"Music should become a service, not a good....Nobody will steal music. You will never want to take possession of a song, if for say $7 you can have access to any recorded music ever, and any kind of service around it - say M…

Sarkar Raj - Review

How would you like it if I wrote everything in bold ? I mean EVERYTHING. Had technology allowed it, I'd even add some jarring background score to it - Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda Govinda...

That would be my primary peeve against the movie Sarkar Raj. A movie runs on a plot. When it depicts an interaction, the actors occasionally get a chance to twist their line to create a stunning scene. Some of these lines end up engulfing the scene, creating poignant quotes. Like Kramer saying "I am out." in Seinfeld, allegedly the funniest line in sitcom history. Or a more kindred Michael Corleone to Sonny - "It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business."

'Aap Idli Khaaiye...Idli Sambhar...Accha hai' doesn't count as a powerful line! Even if it is mouthed by BigB in his throaty style. It doesn't work the other way around. You can't cook up a dialogue, add visuals, music and force it to have an effect.

The movie start big with many s…

The Laptop Crisis

No this is not about my laptop.

My Salsa dance instructor happens to be my neighbour. Or to be more precise, I have a stunning girl next door who turns this verbose creature into prolonged alternating periods of incoherence and muteness. She intercepted me today as I was entering my home. Unfortunately my mom, my dadi and my sister were also present at the doorstep at that time (we were returning from an outing). She politely ignored the others and told me, "Hi Arvind. I wanted to ask you something. Do you have 10 minutes ?" I expected some discussion on the dance class or my performance. The other three stood politely while this happened. They had the sanest of expressions, though the best leg-pulling lines were being formed within. She continued, "I was thinking of buying a laptop. I wanted your opinion on the best options". My countenance betrayed me. I appeared stupefied. She thankfully mistook that for fatigue. She offered to postpone the discussion till tomorr…

Wassup Orkut!

Orkut has launched a new feature today for its photo albums - you can now tag photographs.[report]

Yippee ?? Well maybe not.

After Orkut's launch in 2004 and an annoying period of 'No Donuts' and 'Server Errors', we grew to like the quirky social networking phenomenon (Well I was quite skeptical! read the review here). Orkut was somehow slow to grasp changes happening in the online world. It held on to a strict limit of 12 photograph uploads while other websites encouraged gigabytes of photo upload. After a prolonged period, it changed the photo setting. It announced an odd development sporadically, none of them exciting enough to change our experience. When it allowed sharing of youtube videos, we politely smiled, since it was quite obvious that video sharing was the next move after photos. And now, Orkut is sluggishly emulating its competitor and hoping we don't notice that.

Well that isn't Google style at all!

Orkut in India
We Indians, being the superior ju…