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The Girl

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The seating style always perturbs me. For that matter, the little wooden channels in the flooring trouble me too. There is always a perennial fear of twisting the ankle in unfortunate directions. The ladies seats seem to exist all over the place and all the puny Kolkatians are in a constant struggle, gently edging their way into the little spaces between your feet. It is pretty easy to give a hefty push and lodge yourself on those “window seats” - Window seats? You can neither look out, nor hold on to some rail. Your back enjoys the view of the tram-infested roads, while you constantly get flung sideways into the frowning uncles.

Surya and I were on our nth ride to some location, uncomfortably seated, facing the front entrance. The bored expressions of the passengers were no longer an amusement. Yes, it was boring. There was a lull in the conversation, both of us mulling over something I can’t recollect.

The girl embarked with her…