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Deloitte Series II : Being a Managerial Bastard

Deloitte is a great organization - promoting selflessness and love . I am neither an apt spokesperson for the cause nor a participant. You can check out the activities here. Instead, I am going to relate an exciting tale about how I wriggled out of the whole thing - manager isshtyle.

Do not be misled by the apathy I exude. Deloitte sports many employees/interns who are just waiting to help the poor and entertain the mother-in-laws. Did I type that incorrectly ? No. not really. For Mothers Day, the office had decided to organize an event called 'bring your family to the office'. The female employees were encouraged to bring along their husband, children, mother-in-laws, and the neighbours too. The tagline was previously going to be 'its all about loving your family' . But that would have prompted Karan Johar to appear in a pink shirt and host the show. Hence, Deloitte decided to switch to the former one.

About a fortnight prior to the event, an enthusiastic intern (lets c…