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The Urban Design Thing

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Countless (a silly figure) number of alumni, mystic traders of archi. items, some professors of earthquakes and some more alumni have lectured us on their subjects of expertise, shown us their pretty buildings. Some tried to inspire, some inspired, some failed. A few presentations were nothing more than a chai-biscuit session. I lied. MOST of the presentations are nothing more than a chai-biscuit session.

So you see,architecture is an interesting aspect of my life. It has its ups and downs (called mounds and depressions). A few subjects will force you to notice some rationality in the senseless gamut of terms and concepts, while the rest will drop its ratings by 63 (another silly figure) and you'll realize,like your C.G.P.A, it is never going to come up to the same level again, ever...

Along with 12 other batchmates, I have come across a variety of these courses. A few titles reveal the irrationality to be experienced, others hide…

Week 3

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Hot News ! I've started taking Guitar Classes for a Professor's son (12 yrs old). How I got picked is a short boring story. Lets just say a CAT in hand, is worth a guitar class for another. Last week, I had my first class. I love the subtle management techniques we apply. The prof. enquired over the phone, "When would you like to take the class ?"
I put some thought into it and said, "When would you like me to take it?"
He said, "Anytime time is ok".
I said, "I think 4.30pm is fine."
He asked, "How about 5.30pm ?".
I sighed, "ok fine. 5.30pm." What was the point of the whole exercise ?

I also had a hard time broaching the whole subject of payment. When I finally had the perfect line ready and began my performance, he interrupted and said we should wait for Aunty. Aunty came from the temple and did all the haggling. I had first thought Uncle ji was subservient and hence …

Eastern Groups

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Yes. It's been a while. I don't know what held me back -A strong lack of motivation, lack of content, lack of a lot-of-things-for-which-i-can't-find-a-stylish-word. I'll choke a bit, maybe wander off into irrelevant details. Forgive me - it's been a while.

Movie reviews are cliche'. Love stories are non-existent. Political gossip I am not aware of. Technology is taken care of by Kshitij. So all I am left with is this little slice of the pizza - Eastern Groups. Lets stretch it like cheese, add some spices and make a tasty dish.

HJB Hall
I'll keep this short. I didn't listen to them quite intently. We were busy jhaapoing their instruments for our performance and encouraging our 2nd years about 'stage performance' - look confident, if you go besura let me take over, yo patel and all those management techniques we failed to apply ourselves. - I think they did a decent job of 'Allah ke Bande'…