Saturday, March 18, 2006


Songs I'll stay away from for a while :

-> Euphoria - Tum
-> KK - Aap ki dua
-> Karz - Om Shanti Om
-> Lucky Ali - O Sanam

If music be the food of joy, then it has upset my stomach.
17th March 2006 was a sad, sad, sad day.....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A confession

By the time you coloured morons get back from your strenuous Holi Tolis and splish-splash activities, I hope this piece of text won't spark any fresh enthusiasm to knock at my door.

I am not celebrating Holi this year. Oooh ! That sounds quite deep - like a stand against the cartoon controversy thing. But it's not. It's pure 100% unadulterated lethargy. Here are a few pictures from last year's celebrations.

As you can see, I can't just walk out of my room and be back in an hour or so. KGP Holi stuff are a wee bit intensive. Frankly, I haven't celebrated Holi 'dirty' before Kharagpur. All school level hungama had normal colours, a pichkari (cool kids had the steel variety, and I had the fragile plastic ones) and water balloons in later years. Permanent colours were banned for us. All those bhaiyas who would walk by adorned in shades of silver and gold would draw gasps of awe and respect.

Kharagpur involves around 600 students per batch, from which at least half venture out each year into Scholar's Avenue for a grand celebration. Every moron who may or may not be an acquaintance will have the right to do 'Holi Things'. As a warm gesture, he'll first possess a part of my clothing - preferably the shirt. Then, colours of any kind will be applied anywhere. Any kind of objection will only exacerbate my plight. When the clothing eventually reduces to a tenth of it's size, the participants will stop indulging in Step one. All this supposedly is the crux of Holi. I'd love to use the phrase he/she in all these sentences. But interaction with she's is rare. Yes, the girls do form their own 'tolis' and roam around the campus. But they pass by in a flash - a whiff of good clothing and holi-like-it-should-be. Sure, they all look quite unpleasant. Still, there isn't a worse moment to be partially undressed/naked than in front of fifty odd females. No festival can justify my paunch and torn clothes.

So go ahead - enjoy life. It's March - the month of spring, rebirth, everything blooming and all that crap.
Happy Holi everyone.

Friday, March 10, 2006


P = Panelist
I = I
Italics = Sub text

I enters the room.

I : Good morning Sir (smile - hope you don't screw me).
P : Sit down. (sigh...another one of those tie-wearing morons). Tell me something about yourself.
I : I am 21 years old. I am currently pursuing graduation in....
P : (flip,,,,flip,,,yawn...)..

P : Why do you want to do an MBA ?
I : ...I would like to use my entrepreneurial skills and management techniques to... (oh many more jargons will it take for him to perk up)

P : What is your opinion about this year's budget (smirk - does he even have an opinon ?) ?
I : (pause) I think (or that guy at thinks) that this year's budget focusses on 3 major aspects - taxes, amm....amm...I am not sure about the other two.
P : Do you have a role model ?
I : Yes Sir. I really respect my father..He has been.. (uff...even you know the rest you moron. smile smile.)

P : Do you think the Sensex is going to rise further ?
I : I feel there are 3 major factors. (how the hell am I supposed to know ?). Firstly, the economy with its (GDP, GDPI, PDI, FDI, FII F*CK ...)...Then, we also have international relations with (aaaaaahh....)

P : What are the disaster management techniques that are involved in architecture ?
I : (Noooo...not that crap. please !). Building can be reinforced against earthquakes using three methods....

P : Do you want to ask us anything ?
I : (Have I got selected ? HAVE I GOT SELECTED ?) What are the kind of career options that I can....

-- I hate this process of reading things I don't want to, forging opinions that aren't mine.
-- I loathe the fact that we have to sell ourselves as leaders, people who are different, creative, team workers, assertive - ALL AT THE SAME TIME !
-- I hate GD's, where nobody's listening and everyone is just waiting for their turn to speak. It's similar to reality, just slightly exaggerated.

"Life- loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it" - Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy

Monday, March 06, 2006

Woo hoo - 2nd!

How do I explain this feeling ?
There is no high. Yup. There is no high greater than the elation one feels after a good stage show. My Leo heart swells and pumps gallons of energy into my veins. And any number of hours of toil, unwanted decision making, trivial tensions backing the event melt into wonderful memories.

Of course, the digital age has allowed us to capture these moments - audio and video. Thanks Souvik, Anish, Vamsi and others who have clicked those zillion photographs.

We had our performance of Western Groups yesterday. Five more teams performed this evening.
We came 2nd. woo hoo!
Congrats RK Hall team for the well deserved first position.

I should be composing lines of glory, penning memoirs of my music-experiences at kgp. But I'll just put up this Seinfeld excerpt (slightly tweaked), which seems very apt at this moment. Please note it does not reflect my own or the team's stance towards the event judgement :)

I would rather come in last than win the silver, if you think about it. You know, you win the gold, you feel good. You win the bronze, you think 'well at least I got something'. But you win that silver, that's like "congratulations, you... almost won"..."Of all the losers, you came in first of that group"... "You're the number 1 loser"...."No one lost ahead of you".

lekin mazaa to aaya tha !

KGP people can download the MP3's from the LAN (search for 'Patel Western Groups'). I am ready to send the MP3's to others who have the time/volition/enthu/bandwidth for it. Links provided below for the MP3's (files around 5 MB in size each)

Song list :
The Doors - Roadhouse Blues
Joe Satriani - Crush of Love
Michael Jackson Medley
Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Coldplay - Yellow
Black Eyed Peas - Pump It

Let's keep rocking.