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Indian Couples - how are they depicted in advertising today?

The Indian couple has evolved rapidly over past few years - this video takes us through a short journey of current advertising to understand how couples are being represented by brands. Is there a pattern?

Across various categories including ecommerce, home care and lifestyle products, we see 4 broad patterns in storytelling depicting husband and wife:

1) Equality is not a's a demand.
2) It's ok if the wife wins.
3) Husbands need to sacrifices too
4) The new equations may look odd, but they are real.

What do you think? Drop in your comments

There are things money can't buy

Parenting comes with some tough moments. The worst in the list is what I call The Walk of Shame - when you lug the baby around the mall while the stroller moves unoccupied, or worse stuffed with shopping bags. As you take embarrassed steps around the squeaky floors, you can feel the eyes of fellow parents boring on you - those judging expressions, that look of disappointment. The unoccupied stroller is a loud public statement that you've made a poor purchase, you've not trained your kids well, you goofed up as a parent and lugging the baby around you are literally feeling the pain.

Note: Speaking of pain, my wife said that labour was harder than mall discomfort, but we agree to disagree on that.

The desire to give the best to your child comes in direct conflict with the gut feel which warns you of an uncertain, irrational purchase. But we ignore those signals and move forward. Strollers, Carriers, Cribs, Car Seats - lying unused, dusty like giant symbols of poor decisions.