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Silly, Simple and not Funny

Dear Tata Docomo Brand Manager

You've done it again.

For a campaign that talks about 'Keep it Simple, Silly', you have made two wild decisions:

- You have picked Ranbir Kapoor to do stand up comedy. I don't know your intentions. But if you wanted someone absolutely unconvincing as a stand up comedian - you should have chosen Sunny Deol: A raw, underutilized, stone-faced celebrity attempting to make the audience laugh. Your tagline could have been 'Sunny keeps it Simple, Silly.' I appreciate the Jerry Seinfeld inspired look-tone and humour...but why?

- You have fake laughter in the background in all the ads. Bad jokes and Fake Laughter. A series of Bad jokes and fake laughter. A series of Ads with a series of bad jokes and fake laughter. I can't remember the last time when a humourous commercial used such subtle prompts for the audience.

Vodafone (Hutch back then) did an ad series a while ago with Irfan Khan (watch them here). A peculiar man in a normal environme…

Observations on World Cup 2011 - on Everything but Cricket

Continuing with my previous stereotype, which annoyed a lot of people (read it here), there are curious dissimilarities between the way Men and Women approach cricket. Previously, I had branded cricket as the enemy, as the distraction that denies girlfriends and wives their rightful time with their partners. World Cup 2011 however had a different flavour.

This time cricket was not the enemy, but rather the tool to socialize - specifically from Quarter Finals stage. Last week, I gently invited myself twice to a P&G colleague's place and hence had the privilege of spying on 6 couples as they enjoyed the cricket joyride together. Being impassive about cricket and single helped me focus on the inanities. While I almost succeeded in being subtle (before the hostess caught me making notes) I managed to scoop out some observations:

- Men believe that their actions have a minor, but significant impact on the game's outcome . This is explained by a curious 'Why take the risk'…

Iron Maiden in Singapore Feb'11: Expectations

Iron Maiden is performing in Singapore on 15th February.
I have tickets. But I am not sure if I'll enjoy the show.

There'll be too much peer pressure in the squeaky-clean Singapore Indoor Stadium to head-bang. My friends and I will look lost while a much younger demographic will chant lyrics to songs I don't know. I shall make full use of my knowledge about the songs 'Hallowed by thy name' and 'Fear of the Dark' and sing the title phrase melodiously when it comes up. For the rest I've decided to google the songs at the venue as the band starts singing them, for such ignorance must be perished.

My flatmate Rohan and I made a collection of 'must listen to and practice head-banging' Iron Maiden songs. Sadly it lay unused all these weeks. Instead of Iron Maiden, I chose to listen to GLEE cover versions. Is this an slippery downslide from earthy heavy metal that'll end with Justin Bieber?

This identity crisis must end! The head-banging on 15th Feb sh…

I fell in love with a Spanish angel

Dear Patricia

I don't know your full name.
I don't where you live in Spain, except that it is up somewhere in the mountains.
You cheerfully sat on the couch across the table with those mesmerizing eyes, that spirited nose ring and an adorable conspicuous white cap.
We spent the whole evening at the hostel bar, with interruptions from over a dozen people who I wish had disappeared for those few hours - including your sister, your dad, Akhilesh and the other random folks at Victoria Falls.

Patricia - how can anyone not fall for you?

You might not remember, but our conversation was sparked by a contrast of interests - your love for dogs and my absolute apathy towards them. You fell in love with all the pet dogs at the backpackers hostel, and they all of course loved you. As I shirked away from those giant beasts, you chose to prove to me that dogs are adorable and started showing me pictures from your camera.

Our hands touched.

I chose the pictures on the camera and you would explain a l…