First Blog ---> Blog Style

3 things I wouldn't want to be asked (in no order of priority) :

a. Cricket Scores.
b. Training details, unless you are really interested.
c. Proxy.

5 immediate problems in my life :

a. Dhobi steadily losing my clothes.
b. Too much time spent at Harry's.
c. Girl-time has turned prosaic.
d. Apprentice thinks viewers are morons; making upcoming shows more predictable than ever before.
e. My blog and 'sense of humour' are under attack.

4 things I love about life right now :

a. Weather, at times.
b. Hall Days.
c. Mathematics.
d. Haircut.

1 Thing(s) I'd like to learn RIGHT NOW (Trinity style - The Matrix) :

a. Urban Design - Landscaping -- those type of things/ and those things/ etc.

Favourite music groups right now :

Led Zeppelin
Black Eyed Peas

2 things that scare me right now :

a. Abysmal amount of India-China statistics
b. That my fan might stop working again.


  1. well.. how does exactly mathematics fit in the things u love in ur life right now..


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