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Disgusting Consumer Behaviour

Tons of theory exists in the world about Marketing. Some of it is goes into the mindset of the shoppers. A few articles also reveal peculiar nuances about how a consumer reacts to his surroundings. But what I am deeply disturbed by is a consumer's Picking Behaviour.

If this was an occasional incident one could have even ignored it. But some people really start believing that they are problem-solving. Ooohh...Thats gotten a bit awkward. Things were fine a few centuries ago, when casual behaviour was pardoned in general, and those really creating a nuisance doing what they did were beheaded. But now with all the legalistic crap, there are rules about public and private spaces. And consumers really have a go at it when they think no one is looking. A bit of variety seeking in an otherwise mundane life eh? But sadly, everyone knows what they are up to. Thankully, there is no sub-contracting happening here. Would you really like to have a go at what I do ? Ha ha...I thought so.

People fo…