In the capacious auditorium aptly named V3 (we three - the professor, students and the spirit of knowledge) assemble thrice a week for classes of 'Marketing Management'. It stinks up the whole atmosphere - I mean the spirit of knowledge. I like the AC, the lighting, the seats where the prof. gets to stare at your knees. I meet a varied collection of students- some batchmates, some juniors and majority being unfamiliar intelligentsia.

It isn't a small group we are dealing with here. A massive assemblage of 150 odd brains, each confident about his skills as a manager, as a think tank, as an out-of the-box guy. Our gurus on 'The Apprentice' provide us the perfect catchline of teamwork and leadership :

"You gotta step up to the plate"....what plate ?

Each session gets a bountiful dosage of marketing strategies. As much as I would like to concur with the red-shirt pimply guy who challenges the strategies of Asian Paints and Bajaj, the grandiosities involved in those hours of discussion overwhelms me. With a 24-hour-operating, supposedly rational brain on the top floor, I tend to question or rather trash what the other guy thinks. Usually these enthusiasts occupy the lower halves of the auditorium. When the prof. quotes a joke (word for word) from the bible (Kotler) smiles exactly for 1.5 seconds , I look up and join their fake laughter. I love interactive classes.

Our academic curriculum for the course of 'Marketing Management' also includes a term paper - on creating a product for the students of IIT Kharagpur and generating a marketing campaigning for it. At around 7pm today, I sat diligently, fingers spread wide on the keyboard, brain open, windows open, nose blocked. I thought I'd be the early bird/worm and do a good job with the term paper...hmm...what do we need ? WHAT do we need ? what do WE need ? what do we NEED ? I have no bloody idea. Any marketing guru willing to do the job for me ?