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No Jai Ho!

The last time I got newspaper coverage was in July 2006, in the first few weeks at IIM Lucknow. As you can imagine, I was thrilled by it. Front page stuff!

HT Lucknow Live - Think Different

That wasn't the case when recently a photograph of mine was sneaked into a Singapore newspaper article. Curiously, the context wasn't very different. It too was unexpected; The article talked about dance and creativity; I was dressed for the occasion, surrounded by females, looking not too unattractive and most importantly - in the centre of it all. In college, any publicity is good publicity. But at work, I realize there are zones of pride and huge cavities of discomfort.

The Article - Slumdog Dance Fever

First, a brief background on the dance picture. This is a 12pm to 1pm Bollywood Dance class at the gym close to the office, free for P&G employees. Instructor: Female. Female Participants: around 8 to 20. Male Participants: One. Me. Through some occasional sophism, I have convinced one od…