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The Super-Retort

Tu dimaag kyon lagaata hai? / Why do you apply your brains? - the most despicable, terse, one size fits all, insensitive Super-Retort that I frequently receive when I express my elaborate opinion about a movie. I loathe this reply. Movie make wonderful topics of conversations - two people independently experiencing the same two hour life experience and sharing their version of it. It is criminal to trivialize reactions to it. I dislike the super-retort so much that I start getting annoyed with the person itself. And I feel this happens to a lot of people out there. So here's my attempt to dissect the retort, so that there is less animosity and global warming in the world!

"In the movie, most of the energy and brains(if any) has been applied to shooting songs independently, which were brashly splattered in the movie, interrupting the storyline. Otherwise time was spent in making the actors look good on screen - not the character, but the actor himself; With pronounced actions (…