Monday, January 30, 2006


It's great to be back, slinging mud on a veteran music director whose creations are loved by the masses...
Aaaaaashiq Banayaaaa, Aaaaaashiq Banayaaaa, Aaaaaashiq Banayaaaa aaaapne...
Quite similar to the Sourav Ganguly thingie, the indian community is split in two factions - those who know he sucks, and those who think he doesn't.
I went through some amount of effort to enkindle my iced fingers, numb from lack of blogging. I wasted precious disk space, downloading the whole album of Aksar to scrounge for the song that had spoilt our Nehru Canteen experience. I snipped off the decent parts, and saved the section that epitomises the feelings I plan to word. To absorb the essense of Himesh Reshammiya's bawling, I suggest you click here and get into the same mood.

Apparently, this guy has been in the industry since 2000. I earlier thought that it was a duo creating such crap for the industry. It's just one guy. This one --

One of his first movies was "Jodi No. 1". I think we all remember 'Ande ka fundaa'. Again, there are either lovers or haters of that composition.
Then came the landmark music of "Ye Hai Jalwa". You all probably won't remember it. It had Salman Khan strutting on a bridge with Amisha Patel (2002). Back then, he left the job of bawling to Kumar Sanu. The song went like this :
Ooooooooo Jaane Jigar...
Ooooaaaoooo Jaane Jigar...

Then came his major hit "Humraaz", followed by "Tere Naam". All this while, he hadn't attempted to sing himself. I sincerely thank the lord for his lack of confidence....Then "Aashiq Banaaya Aapne" happened.
May I please know what aspect of this song appeals to people ? His voice is so nasal, that it puts Kumar Sanu to shame. It seems pronouncing 'Aashiq' as 'Aasiq' while singing is kind of a cool thing. lik typin lik dis 2 imprss ppl. What the public sadly did was instigating the inner singer in this moron. If composing banal songs wasn't enough, he was now disposed to think - 'Hey, why not sing all this myself ?'

What he offers us in 2006 is a great movie called 'Aksar'. The catchline of the movie is "How often..." - how often do you cheat on your partner etc etc. You can construct the rest of the story yourself with smoochy Emraan Hashmi and sultry Tara Sharma. Inspired by the success of A.B.Aapne, Himesh ji has sung two songs in movie, created a dozen versions of the 'dhik-chik-dhik-chik' songs. One is called remix, the other is called unplugged, and they all sound the same.
I suggest you DON'T buy the album.
Even if the songs are available as free mp3's, don't torture yourself with them.
And someone please go and whack Kumar Sanu. please.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Spring Fest 2006 (prelude)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

IIM-C Carpe-Diem 2006

Carpe Diem Prelude

Over the last two years, I had systematically forgotten the gifts that were a part of the guitaring package. The last sweet memory was that of the event ZONASA '03, which boasted of a brigade of architectural delegations. The sweet rhythm or even the sight of the guitar ensured an ensemble of females, who poured attention and love (?) for at most half an hour before they went on to the next attraction. It was a brief 'high', like with tequila. My brain would always know that it was ephemeral, that the females weren't REALLY interested. But I lived those moments consummately. Somehow, I never had an opportunity to do the same for a long time.

Today, after more than two years, I am rediscovering at IIM-C Carpe-diem fest the gifts guitaring provides...

" play the guitar ?"
"FIFTH year ???? you look like a second year..."

and the annoyance too...

Carpe Diem - Favourite Moment

-- "Is it possible that you have a crush on her ?"
--"NOOO...No. I don't think so. No....Ya...Maybe..."

Carpe Diem - Favourite Show

The Play CUT performed by the IT-BHU team

I was quite happy to learn that this play had been performed in KGP quite a few times. I was even more thrilled with the fact that I had missed every single performance. The ambience of the IIM-C auditorium, the magnanimity of the space, the lights streaming from 'up there', can't be captured or experienced through words. Add to that a great theatrical act, and life immediately sweetens up. The carpe-diem experience was briefly soured by an esoteric play titled 'Sir...Sir..Sarla'. I confess. I didn't get it. There was something about the two hour melodrama involving just three characters that didn't quite interest me. The row of sniggering IITians lulled my fear of stupidity. They all don't get it!

So that's the jist. First Play Bad. Second Play Good.

Carpe Diem - Favourite Spot

They say that the campus has over (or exactly) seven lakes. I have neither counted, nor visited all of them. Just a couple of them are enough to seduce a visitor. A night spent chatting at the steps of the auditorium, a stroll along the lake, a breath garnished with pure mist can turn any nature cynic into a romantic. I did it the in 2004. I repeated it in 2005. This year, I rushed from KGP in the evening and I hopped on to the 12 C/A1 Howrah bus at 9pm so that I could absorb that atmosphere in 2006....totally worth it.

Carpe Diem - Canteens

I found a novel concept at this campus - a TT table juxtaposed with a canteen/mess. There is a slight danger of the ball landing up in gravey, or the irksome task of recovering an astray ball from under the dining tables. But the combination is killing. A sports goof like me ended up playing eight matches back to back (Yes. I lost all of them. But that's not the point). There is something about charging oneself up with chai and draining it all in singles or doubles. Loved it.

Carpe Diem - Worst Moment

I have a video in my possession that clearly proves that I have the potential to go besuraa. It broke my heart to see myself struggling with Aerosmith, and failing to reach that note. My unshakeable confidence in music has buckled this week. It'll take a lot more practice to tell a female I go crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby....

Carpe Diem - Goodbye

Awwww....This is the last IIM-C fest I'll attend as an under-graduate. Being a UG student gives me the right to act goofy, immature, smile a lot and be confused about the future. I can't imagine having the same kind of fun while doing a PG course.
"amm yes. The stock market is bullish. And I feel that...Yeeee...Pentagram shuru ho gaya..."

Thank you IIM-C for spicing up my life for 3 years.

Monday, January 02, 2006


" And his alphabets will not started with A, B, C, D, E ..
.....but with B, L, A, C, K..and I"
B - Bangalore
L - Lucknow
A - Ahemdabad
C - Calcutta
K - Kozhikode
I - Indore

Need the world and a half's support for the next stage.
Pray for me :)