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Catching up

I've been away from the laptop for over a week. Checked mails occasionally while traveling, but left Google Reader untouched. Over 270 unread posts...hmm...

I am planning a savage struggle at reading them - relishing some fat bites from the first ones, quickly scouring a majority for fresh meat and rejecting the rest with a 'Mark as Read' button (sans any flushing sound!). The order pretty much underlines my expectations from them.
Dilbert Blog, Sayesha, Basic Instructions and Greatbong for a dosage of quirky humourIndexed - no explanations needed!Seth Godin - business, marketing and the power of ideas all encapsulated in his posts
Shared Items from friends - Vivek Malewar, Sandeep Rath, Akshay Mishra & Sudarshan KDesiPundit
Stuff left unread to be enjoyed later - AtanuDey, Indian Economy, Jabberwock and TheAcorn

In case you aren't acquainted with some of these, do give them a try.

* Firefox handles the links properly using Live Bookmarks. Internet Explorer may spoil t…

The Country Club

Country, in college lingo, means a guy with rough behaviour - flaunting the kind of activity, jokes or language that makes you squirm your nose and wish you weren't around them. College lingo as a set itself is absurd. So I won't bomb you with arbit CP. If this isn't chill, then kaata karo and peace maaro for a while.

Speaking of country personalities, there is an enigmatic person who appears at the end of this 30 second TVC for Country Club. It starts off with consummate cliche' imagery - an urban family of four, laughing and grinning like they are stoned, enjoying family activities throughout the footage with a bit of playful finger-pointing. Thematic words like Victory, Luxury etc are sprinkled in the ad.

Just after the voiceover, he appears out of nowhere.

I thought to myself - Who is he ? Some moronic attention seeking head of the company ? Well, it turns out he is! This man is Y Rajeev Reddy, the CMD of the organization. Today's print ad confirmed my suspicion.


Checklist for Shifting to Singapore

1. Understand that there are countries other than China and Japan in that area.

2. Buy lots of underwear. They are supposedly very expensive out there and you can never have enough of them.

3. Update Orkut profile to explicity mention a change in location - if possible replace your name with the whole address. Let no doubt remain that you are in foreign land!

4. As soon as possible, get hold of a camera and click a hundred pictures with Singaporean lamp posts, bus stops and large nameless buildings.

5. Post EACH one of those pictures on Orkut and Facebook

6. Be nice to the people of that country (is it a country ?) no matter how funny their name sounds.

7. Splash your ISD phone number in your status message. Maybe, just maybe some loyal friend will call you up.

8. Don't Spit.

Veterans enlightening me further in the next few days will get special South Indian sweets :)
5 days to go. Woo hoo!

No Sweat, and I am lying

Struggling TV channels usually sell out part of their airtime to Tele-Shopping Networks. These infomercials have a distinct language and tone of their own (Check out the Bingo chips ad, a spoof of this concept since I can't find any original video). A few of these products are spiritual (like feng shui stones, or magnetic bracelets). But majority of them attack the number one problem of the sloppy,belching and lethargic viewers who are even daring to watch the show: Weight Reduction. The devices targeting this problem have become progressively ingenious, promising lesser strain, minuscule effort and BIG results. A product showcased on channel Sanskar yesterday (which has content worth another post in itself!) was the HomeJogger.

The HomeJogger!

It is a white and red plastic contraption equipped with a remote. See those aesthetic red incurvatures ? You lie down and place your ankles on them. Then you let the red platform sway to and fro and pray that it hypnotizes you into believing …


This is not a book review. Else there would have been some fat description of the plot, some detailed appraisal of the characters peppered with criticism. This book is beyond such mortal blogger treatment. Borrowing the words from another review - 'Shantaram is not just a book; it is a sojourn, a spiritual journey into life that shows that even the most complex and powerful systems have at their core a simple and beautiful pattern.'

For those who haven't heard about it - the author of the book is Gregory David Roberts, a convict from the Australian Prison who escaped in the early 80's, landed up in Mumbai en route to Germany. But somehow he felt like staying back in the city for a while. This turned out to more than a decade long adventure - which he transformed into the book Shantaram. The author says that it is not an autobiography, but more of a semi-fiction.

Why is the book called Shantaram?
Why is it 944 pages long?
When did he manage to write all this?

I'll just a…