Silly, Simple and not Funny

Dear Tata Docomo Brand Manager

You've done it again.

For a campaign that talks about 'Keep it Simple, Silly', you have made two wild decisions:

- You have picked Ranbir Kapoor to do stand up comedy. I don't know your intentions. But if you wanted someone absolutely unconvincing as a stand up comedian - you should have chosen Sunny Deol: A raw, underutilized, stone-faced celebrity attempting to make the audience laugh. Your tagline could have been 'Sunny keeps it Simple, Silly.' I appreciate the Jerry Seinfeld inspired look-tone and humour...but why?

- You have fake laughter in the background in all the ads. Bad jokes and Fake Laughter. A series of Bad jokes and fake laughter. A series of Ads with a series of bad jokes and fake laughter. I can't remember the last time when a humourous commercial used such subtle prompts for the audience.

Vodafone (Hutch back then) did an ad series a while ago with Irfan Khan (watch them here). A peculiar man in a normal environment explaining somewhat complicated but extremely relevant Telecom features with Hutch/Vodafone. That was simple. This is not. It made us smile, occasionally giggle. You've mildly annoyed us.

Like the previous Docomo post, I'll add some Internet Marketing blurb for your brand. I am sure you have a new intern in office to re-do a presentation on 'Web 2.0 strategy for TATA Docomo'. Since Social Media is the new buzzword, I'll use Facebook status updates this time. I read this website is growing and might become a phenomenon in the future. I hear they are planning to make a movie about it too (insert fake laughter).
I'll leave it to your intern to finish up rest of the analysis on this. I guess he is on facebook the whole day, trying to improve your brand's digital presence.

Good luck with your campaign. I am sure your message will reach millions and you'll grow your user base. And when an odd Docomo user calls up your customer service to complain, I am sure you'll have a stale joke or two up your sleeve to calm them down. And of course, fake laughter.


  1. I think Ranbir's only job here is to address female audience..thats why it ends with a statement like 'Keep it simple,silly'. Still, the humour could have been better.

  2. i agree man .. but how on earth in singapore do you follow this stuff

  3. hahaha, this was genuine, I wasnt faking anything!! :)

  4. I dont know which is worse, the docomo ads or the "no idea, get idea" ones. I even hesitate to say "no idea" now. What has the world come to!??! Or maybe its just Abhishek Bachhan, it is infact a deadly combination.

  5. Our indian sense of humor is either crassy or there's always someone else's ideas to steal from.If only the imitation bit was done more sincerely, the commercial could have been a lil' more palatable
    A forced attempt at making the audience laugh...

  6. kya man! not writing for a long time... look forward to see new posts!


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