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Catching up

I've been away from the laptop for over a week. Checked mails occasionally while traveling, but left Google Reader untouched. Over 270 unread posts...hmm...

I am planning a savage struggle at reading them - relishing some fat bites from the first ones, quickly scouring a majority for fresh meat and rejecting the rest with a 'Mark as Read' button (sans any flushing sound!). The order pretty much underlines my expectations from them.
  1. Dilbert Blog, Sayesha, Basic Instructions and Greatbong for a dosage of quirky humour
  2. Indexed - no explanations needed!
  3. Seth Godin - business, marketing and the power of ideas all encapsulated in his posts
  4. Shared Items from friends - Vivek Malewar, Sandeep Rath, Akshay Mishra & Sudarshan K
  5. DesiPundit
Stuff left unread to be enjoyed later - AtanuDey, Indian Economy, Jabberwock and TheAcorn

In case you aren't acquainted with some of these, do give them a try.

* Firefox handles the links properly using Live Bookmarks. Internet Explorer may spoil the effort. In that case - shame on you for still not using Firefox!


  1. hey, thanks for dropping by.
    you are running a great blog here.

    looking forward for more posts from you :)

  2. Sigh! I guess I'm one of the "marked read" :(
    Have u landed in Singapore?

  3. good list there - new names that i shall try ... too ...
    ever tried /
    my recommendations to your list ...


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