Checklist for Shifting to Singapore

1. Understand that there are countries other than China and Japan in that area.

2. Buy lots of underwear. They are supposedly very expensive out there and you can never have enough of them.

3. Update Orkut profile to explicity mention a change in location - if possible replace your name with the whole address. Let no doubt remain that you are in foreign land!

4. As soon as possible, get hold of a camera and click a hundred pictures with Singaporean lamp posts, bus stops and large nameless buildings.

5. Post EACH one of those pictures on Orkut and Facebook

6. Be nice to the people of that country (is it a country ?) no matter how funny their name sounds.

7. Splash your ISD phone number in your status message. Maybe, just maybe some loyal friend will call you up.

8. Don't Spit.

Veterans enlightening me further in the next few days will get special South Indian sweets :)
5 days to go. Woo hoo!


  1. 1.Bubblegum is prohibited here in Singapore.To add a few more
    2.Add the local lingo "Lah" at the end of every sentence
    3.Don't talk in sentences,stick to broken English
    4.Thank you will be the word you use most and hear most.
    5.Carry an umbrella all the time
    6.Yes= Can can
    No = Cannot
    That's all i could recollect after I read your post.(Got here from poornima's blog :) )

  2. 1. You can gorge on South Indian sweets yourself in Little India.
    2. Discussing Politics is taboo.
    3.Never crib about the weather.
    4.Try eating a durian and describe the experience in this blog.
    4. McD's open 24 hrs on weekends.

  3. @Reema - this will be my first one!

    @Xeres - thanks for the list. And do drop by again sometime!

    @Arindam - Checked out what durian is on Wiki. I am quite curious about it now! I am sure the experience of consuming it will be blog-worthy....

  4. Most of what I wanted to say is already said!!

    # Replace the Chennai-style lingo of 'daa' with 'laa'. (ex. "what laa?", "that was easy laa!", etc)
    # Get ready for hot, humid and sweaty weather
    # Most IMP!! - DON'T speak fluent English. Speak slow.. just the key-words.

    Whatever you do.. you'll be bored in a month or so! You can travel from one end of the whole country to another in (say) 2 hours. Unless you're game for good and new kinds of food every other weekend.

  5. Hey!! Akshay Mishra is in Singapore (just in case you din't know that), you can get in touch with him.

  6. What? When are you coming to SG?


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