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A confession

By the time you coloured morons get back from your strenuous Holi Tolis and splish-splash activities, I hope this piece of text won't spark any fresh enthusiasm to knock at my door.

I am not celebrating Holi this year. Oooh ! That sounds quite deep - like a stand against the cartoon controversy thing. But it's not. It's pure 100% unadulterated lethargy. Here are a few pictures from last year's celebrations.

As you can see, I can't just walk out of my room and be back in an hour or so. KGP Holi stuff are a wee bit intensive. Frankly, I haven't celebrated Holi 'dirty' before Kharagpur. All school level hungama had normal colours, a pichkari (cool kids had the steel variety, and I had the fragile plastic ones) and water balloons in later years. Permanent colours were banned for us. All those bhaiyas who would walk by adorned in shades of silver and gold would draw gasps of awe and respect.

Kharagpur involves around 600 students per batch, from which at least half venture out each year into Scholar's Avenue for a grand celebration. Every moron who may or may not be an acquaintance will have the right to do 'Holi Things'. As a warm gesture, he'll first possess a part of my clothing - preferably the shirt. Then, colours of any kind will be applied anywhere. Any kind of objection will only exacerbate my plight. When the clothing eventually reduces to a tenth of it's size, the participants will stop indulging in Step one. All this supposedly is the crux of Holi. I'd love to use the phrase he/she in all these sentences. But interaction with she's is rare. Yes, the girls do form their own 'tolis' and roam around the campus. But they pass by in a flash - a whiff of good clothing and holi-like-it-should-be. Sure, they all look quite unpleasant. Still, there isn't a worse moment to be partially undressed/naked than in front of fifty odd females. No festival can justify my paunch and torn clothes.

So go ahead - enjoy life. It's March - the month of spring, rebirth, everything blooming and all that crap.
Happy Holi everyone.


  1. what happened to you suddenly .When you have gone thru this ordeal for the last 4 yrs .why not for the last time .I think i know the answer.
    For a change we did have a neat holi this time and missed our robo looks for sure ?

  2. Iyer ur non participation this time was quite injustice to the 2nd years and to me and arjit specially.

  3. Hmmm...I still dont get where is the 'confession' in this. I can only look at the partly faded colors of Holi on myself and smile. :) Happy Holi

  4. Hmm..nice to find someone who thinks along the same lines.

    Nice post !

  5. finally someone who recognises KGP holi for what it is. I never stayed back in KGP for holi, the way we celebrate here is pure pathetic.

  6. so iyer did u or did u not finally?
    for all practical purposes i did not.
    had two back to back interviews on the next day and the day after that.
    boozed on the previous nite sleept over at a frnds place, some of his frnds were of the fairer sex who did manage to get a lil colour on me but u cant resist much wen a grl wants to rub her hands on ur cheeks, can u ;)

  7. "Those were the best holies of my life"

    This Year i wake up at 1:00 PM had Maggi ..then watch TV for 4 hours ..then had evening tea..then TV ..then Sleep ...
    No colors ...involved what so ever..

    Holi ..!!!!!...
    Kya se kya ho gaya ek saal mein


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