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I finally have enough fundaa w.r.t to RSS Readers to help all you blog readers out there. For those who want concrete knowledge, click here and here for tutorials on RSS.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for syndicating news. Which means that instead of searching for news from various sources, you can receive news from all of them, in the way you want them. Any website which supports RSS will have a link for a feed which you feed to your reader. The reader aggregates whatever information is relevant and displays it to you. This screenshot should give you some idea.

The RSS Reader I am using is freeware and quite crude. If you search for better readers, you can find some that even support filters for the feeds - which means more customized information.

Some of the Indian News Sites I am subscribing to are Rediff, Indian Express and Times of India. Rediff gives relevant compiled information. Times of India has customized RSS feeds. But it is updated only once a day (like a newspaper). You can also try others like BBC World, which are more generalized in content.

Of course, what attracts me to RSS Readers more than news sites, is the ease with which I can access blogs now. Yes..blogs ! I receive new posts on my computer as soon as they are updated. I can keep track, comment, reject as and when I want to. Of course, each blog needs to have a feed to be able to send information to an RSS Reader. I have created these (for free from FeedBurner) for my favourite blogs. You all can use these too. And create new ones by registering at feedburner. I request the blog authors to link these on their blogs. Instructions are easily available on the net.

Feed for Youth Curry
Feed for Sandeep Rath
Feed for Sudarshan
Feed for Poornima Vijayan
Feed for Himadri
Feed for Dipanjan

Happy Reading everyone !


  1. will have to explore this a bit. seems pretty cool.

  2. firefox has an in built rss reader, how is it different from whatever you have written?

  3. I tried the extensions of firefox ('Sage' and others) too.
    Firstly, browser based RSS interferes with normal browsing. In this system, I can click on whatever link I want and it opens up in the browser. I like that.
    This RSS Reader is also quite light and adding/deleting feeds and updation is quite easy in it.
    Again, I am not sure whether the reader I use is the best out there. It's just functioning pretty well right now. I will try others and probably write a post comparing them.

    As long as you are utilizing RSS, it doesn't matter where the heart of it lies...

  4. kewlll..
    lemme check it out.. looks simple n masshhhht.. !! :D

    iyer gone techie.. hehe.. ! well thesis bahot kuch kara deta hai.. :D

  5. i'm on tried sage once...the problem with sage is that if u request a feed and change tabs...the feed comes in the new tab not the one you requested it from....

    waise blogs ke lie live book marks is quite cool (the little orange square that comes in at the end of the address bar..(heard now IE's also putting it) updates your bookmarks when some1 adds a post....quite cumbersome for large blogs as it gives the whole list including older ones...and if u put too many of them slows the loading time for the browser

    lets've given me the tempo to look for a good aggregator for firefox...

    btw looking at the title of your post from my live bookmark gave me the idea it would be quite philosophical :D

  6. ps- thanks for adding my link

  7. i like live bookmarks better than rss feeds......don't have to do much for it.....just click on the yellow button on the side......have been using it for a along time. makes pages available within a click :).....why bother for extensions if can be added simply??

  8. wht abt this? -->

  9. I just checked this out myself.... Google is GOD! ... its just... TOO good!


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