Situation - A man running in slow motion towards you.
Three things that will enhance his appeal :

1. A bouquet.
2. A rifle.
3. A jacket or similar fluttering clothing
4. Indian flag ; Rain (courtesy Susheela)
5. ______

Three things that will mar his appeal :

1. A bucket
2. A book
3. A man running alongside equipped with the previous list of items.
4. Broom-stick ; Lungi ; A running lady overtaking him (courtesy Susheela)
5. _____

Situation - You are munching food.
Three things that'll ruin your your appeal :

1. Kela
2. Idli
3. Mango (courtesy Nimesh)
4. _____

Three things that'll rocket our appeal (especially if you are a female) :

1. Grapes
2. Cold Drinks
3. Choco-bar (courtesy Sandeep)
4. _____

Situation - You are introducing yourself.
Three things you should never say :

1. Myself name
2. Mujhse Dosti Karoge
3. I love blogging.
4. _____

Three things you might want to say :

1. Hi
2. I am a student of the dept of...
I have come from...
My hobbies are .. (courtesy Himadri)
3. ______

(please add entries if any occur to you. I am blank about the blanks.)


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  2. I guess The third food which bombs ur appearance is
    try eating a ripened one- u look like a monkey.
    What about a kachcha one?- u can't lok at urself-yukk!

  3. hey...came across your blog and just thought of adding you to my blog list.I hope you wouldn't mind.

  4. i can see the terror in ur face ..u are tortured by a simple thought of having unnecessary comments on ur stupid blog

  5. Three things that'll rocket our appeal (especially if you are a female)
    chocobar ( i hope u get the idea)

  6. Man running: appeal 'enhancement' How about national flag? Baby wrapped in cloth, Olympic flame, a beautiful lady running behind him, may be holding his hand, rain

    things that will mar his appeal: Broom stick, a running lady over taking him!!! Lungi

    Munching food: appeal ruin: Cup ice cream, Pan, Sip up, Dog biscuit, Tender coconut

    Appeal rocket: How about a bottle of mineral water? Fruit juice, Pizza

    Introducing yourself: things u might want to say. Hai hello namasthe asalamalekkum, jesus be with u, ram ram ji ki..hehehe..

  7. three things to say

    Hi Bye and fuck off!

  8. i thought you've forgotten the bucket incident !

  9. Three things you might want to say :

    ] eehaawwwwww...!!

    ] My name is ________
    I am a student of the department of ________
    I have come from _________
    My hobbies are ___________

    ] Cant get da third one.. !

    hehe.. but cudnt resist wid da second one.. !! in our blooddd....! :P


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