The Laptop Crisis

No this is not about my laptop.

My Salsa dance instructor happens to be my neighbour. Or to be more precise, I have a stunning girl next door who turns this verbose creature into prolonged alternating periods of incoherence and muteness. She intercepted me today as I was entering my home. Unfortunately my mom, my dadi and my sister were also present at the doorstep at that time (we were returning from an outing). She politely ignored the others and told me, "Hi Arvind. I wanted to ask you something. Do you have 10 minutes ?" I expected some discussion on the dance class or my performance. The other three stood politely while this happened. They had the sanest of expressions, though the best leg-pulling lines were being formed within. She continued, "I was thinking of buying a laptop. I wanted your opinion on the best options". My countenance betrayed me. I appeared stupefied. She thankfully mistook that for fatigue. She offered to postpone the discussion till tomorrow. I gratefully accepted that and walked in with the others.

She obviously has the same image of me from 8 years back - that was when I was a damn good C++ coder. I would stand upright, blush, hop around and do all nautanki that a typical teenager involuntarily does in the presence of beautiful ladies. Back then, in those sporadic interactions, I helped her setup the internet, burn CDs and fix an occasional Windows blip. I didn't have an option of washing her pretty feet, and hence failed to offer that service. Since then I have trudged through a non-technical five year course of architecture and even more useless 2 year management programme. Obviously I have little traces of any positive IT disposition left in me.

But obviously that can change.

All inspiration books cajole you to question yourself - When was the last time you revived a defunct interest for the first time ? Yes. Today is the day when I'll do that. The world of RAMs, ROMs is a pretty one filled with endless possibilities. The silver coating on HPs ooze more than just style. Or so it seems. I strive to go to the depths about this. Lenovos are black and ugly. But is there any beauty within ? Today the truth will reveal itself for higher causes. I will spend this night fruitfully, making use of all social networking and user-to-user interaction to gather information. I shall cover all possible brands, from A for Acer to T for Toshiba.

I will probably involve Sethi tomorrow to setup a ONE laptop bulk deal.
Blogger angels throwing in suggestions will receive special blessings from me.

I may not be able to Google to find happiness, but I will surely Google for love.


  1. Always willing to help out in such endeavours! :)
    Might I suggest an Acer Aspire 5920 series model? (waiting for the "blessings"!)

  2. Iyer u will do all patao gals???? haha

  3. Iyer.....
    go with a VAIYO .... damn sexy stuff :P

  4. haha..! Thats You again.

    Dell Inspiron 1525. Best Buy
    Vaio : Best Looks..!

  5. ok so if we were to approach this situation...typical consultant types..
    lets lay the ground work:
    1. Her requirements
    2. Budget
    3. portability
    4. Past experience with laptops
    requirements will obviously have to be further divided
    1A. Style factor
    1B. Performance
    1C. Weight
    1D. Approx usage (to decide on longer battery life etc.)

    Add to the list.... and narrow down on the final solution :D

  6. I think look wise Sony vaio is best..not all LENOVOs are black and ugly. ofcourse the budget matters. check out Acer Aspire series and Lenovo.

    P.S. whats up? nowadays neither u reply to comments on ur blog nor visit & comment on my blog?

  7. Too good!

    sorry for being insensitive... but i was laughing till my ends split on this one. Very well written.. n the Google philosophy is mind blowing :-)

  8. Need some Synapse help? will cost u something this time around though :D


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