Disgusting Consumer Behaviour

Tons of theory exists in the world about Marketing. Some of it is goes into the mindset of the shoppers. A few articles also reveal peculiar nuances about how a consumer reacts to his surroundings. But what I am deeply disturbed by is a consumer's Picking Behaviour.

If this was an occasional incident one could have even ignored it. But some people really start believing that they are problem-solving. Ooohh...Thats gotten a bit awkward. Things were fine a few centuries ago, when casual behaviour was pardoned in general, and those really creating a nuisance doing what they did were beheaded. But now with all the legalistic crap, there are rules about public and private spaces. And consumers really have a go at it when they think no one is looking. A bit of variety seeking in an otherwise mundane life eh? But sadly, everyone knows what they are up to. Thankully, there is no sub-contracting happening here. Would you really like to have a go at what I do ? Ha ha...I thought so.

People form some heuristics about how they are going to attempt it. Most of you will be appalled if I dwelve into the intricate techniques, so I'll not explain them. Now let us earn those extra marks for this analysis by exploring the item's utlity levels. Does the final outcome of the process have any possession utility ? Definitely not. The consumer disposes it off in less than 3 seconds. How about a bit of that place utility ? Well, there's none of that too. And I am sure you don't have any confusion about the time utility - anytime, anywhere!

We reach the bottom-pits when aam junta starts believing that they have a strategy about this. That maybe a push or a pull is really going to benefit them. We can conclude by agreeing that this is definitely the most disgusting consumer behaviour.

A simple advice: 'Just let your nose be'.


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