The Ugly Fish Story

Another masterpiece from Suhaib:

Fishes look cute. Fish tanks are also good things to have at home. Unless they happen to burst unexpectedly.

I was sitting alone at home one day and whoosh! That thing cracked and there was water all over the place. I looked around and there were dozens of fishes, flipping about frantically. I stood frozen for a few seconds,

I scooped whatever icky-disgusting live fish I could find from the floor and plopped them in the bucket of water. I think half died even before I could reach them. I checked the bucket in the end and half of them had conked off inside.

My cousins came back after a few hours. They looked at the poor catch I'd made from the home-pool of water. They wept. And I thought - hmm, maybe fishes aren't the right pet for me.