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Black Wednesday

27th April was not a good day for me - or for the 9 people who where involved in this gory tale of stupidity, chaos and luck. Presenting Black Wednesday :

It all started on the night of 26th April, when I decided at 11pm that it was quite necessary for me to wash my face. As I left the room with my St.Ives Apricot Scrub [direct maal from Sydney], I noticed a brand new Titan watch on my left wrist. My brain's right hemisphere crunched the figures and facts and zipped a wave of data to the left hemisphere - "Hey ! This isn't yours !" A millisecond later, the analysis and corresponding conclusion was drawn - Remove the watch and then wash your face.

My mighty muscles tugged at the local strap hurriedly realizing that their friend, the brain, had to study for an exam. It broke. I spent a few minutes feigning interest in repairing it. When that was over, I picked up the buckle and the rest of the watch and proceeded towards Vamsi's room [B-308 AZAD Hall] to return the watch to his friend [a clear abuse of the friend-by-association-relationship].

Of course this has little to do with the crux of the story. Around three hours after the faux pas, I decided to go back to my room. As I passed my hand over my right cheek searching for a bump that would represent the keys in my pocket, my right hemisphere crunched facts and zipped a wave of data to the left hemisphere - "Hey ! There's no bump !". This process was repeated for all possible pockets in my pant, shirt and the bag. Lots of milliseconds later, the analysis and corresponding conclusion was drawn - You have lost your key you nut. I startled quite a few and woke up one Gult as I searched all rooms I entered and exited. The unthinkable had happened - I had managed to lose my keys.

I walked back to the hall with consoling batchmates [2 to be exact]. It just wasn't possible....Jumping to end of part II - I found my room open. I had somehow not locked it at all. How this happened is a mystery that I'll never be able to solve. Maybe two minds can do it, but apparently no other living person is too interested in getting to the bottom of this.

All this excitement generated hunger and I was really in need of chai and a We three walked towards the gate. I checked the array of PH cycles a few times over. My brain's right hemisphere crunched the figures and facts and zipped a wave of data to the left hemisphere - "Hey ! Your cycle isn't here !" A millisecond later, the analysis and corresponding conclusion was drawn - YOUR CYCLE HAS BEEN STOLEN !

By now, I had little faith in my brain power. I skipped the adda session and went to sleep. In the morning, I thoroughly interrogated Patiala - 'Where did you park it? Sure? No, but where did you park it?' He was defensive, I was offensive. Soon, I was confused. I was not aware of the stolen-cycle protocol. Through the day I received advice from veterans (of stolen-cycle-protocol) and well-wishers. I spent the evening imagining life without independent transportation. Could I bear a life of unending ....end of part III - I had parked it in AZ hall a day ago. This occured to me today (28th) as I cycled back from the dept (borrowed of course). The worst part was that I had to drag two cycles single-handedly from AZ to PH. The best part was that at 6 in the morning not many saw me do the dual-cycle-calisthenics.

Happy Ending -
Apologised to Patiala - pretty smile always works.
Watch repaired - cost 2 bucks - one from me, one from Vamsi.
Exams ending on Friday.


  1. gajab ka hai din.. njoid readin.. my right hemispherez gone paralyzed n derz no zippin of data newhere.. so no blogs.. though i got an idea today.. bt it will take time to write a blog on.. kinda another analysis.. so waitin till my left n right brainz recover frm da thikdu renderin stuff..

  2. Laughing inside my head reading your post...

    ...Still laughing....

  3. oh my poor dragged TWO cycles allllllll the way from AZ to PH....christ...what a never ending trek ;) how far is it between the two halls?? ;)Iyer you and I have one thing in common...over works in our keep at it ;)


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