Eastern Groups

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Yes. It's been a while. I don't know what held me back -A strong lack of motivation, lack of content, lack of a lot-of-things-for-which-i-can't-find-a-stylish-word. I'll choke a bit, maybe wander off into irrelevant details. Forgive me - it's been a while.

Movie reviews are cliche'. Love stories are non-existent. Political gossip I am not aware of. Technology is taken care of by Kshitij. So all I am left with is this little slice of the pizza - Eastern Groups. Lets stretch it like cheese, add some spices and make a tasty dish.

HJB Hall
I'll keep this short. I didn't listen to them quite intently. We were busy jhaapoing their instruments for our performance and encouraging our 2nd years about 'stage performance' - look confident, if you go besura let me take over, yo patel and all those management techniques we failed to apply ourselves. - I think they did a decent job of 'Allah ke Bande' and 'Maaeri'. Some singers went off scale. The bassist was cute. A good effort.

Patel Hall
heheh...How can I modestly praise our team ? Let me just say we did a decent job - a good job. But some of the teams which followed did a much better job and hence the result. With a lot of guilt I had agreed to repeat a few songs from last year <2 to be exact>. 'Kya Maloom' by Indian Ocean is a tough number and I am truly proud of it. We butchered 'Chale Chalo' - I am proud of that too :)

Nehru Hall
They always impress me with a thorough proffesional approach - an efficacious dress code, excess mundus to handle lights and other paraphernalia, a guitar stand (my god ! what extravagance) and good songs. Sure, a few were repeats (3.5 to be exact. .5 for the medley songs). But this year they seemed to lack a bit of zeal. Maybe thats because they are at the other end of the GC line.

RP Hall
I don't know what holds them back. They have been blessed with good musicians over the last 2 years. A lot of ETMS dudes living in there. But the end result is very bland. Except for the thrice repeated Lakshya song, I don't remember their stuff. I suppose talent isn't everything. Actually, it is everything. Guys - sort out your problems and have a good show for Western Groups.

RK Hall
A performance that made people sit up and take notice. A show that took an exceptionally long time to commence. A show that proved that a double bass pedal can be flashed smoothly in a hindi song. A superb assemblage of singers. The only negative point I can fish out is that there were too many people on stage clapping all the time. What was that all about ? Anyway, a superb show, and a questionable 2nd position...

LLR Hall
Dipanjan my man....He swept the floor with raw enthusiasm and brilliant vocals. Their generous white kurta-clad tabla guy made quick shifts between the tabla and congo (boy ! can he move fast !). They did a lively Indian Ocean number (Hille Re), a classical 'experiment' with raag Yaman Kalyan and some soft numbers. Overall grade B+.

I won't dilute their show with boombastic praises. They were simply perfect. A fresh approach to showmanship. Mellifluous sounds from the instruments, truly happy faces, a surreal performance by KT and Pawar and Shayak and Rathod and everyone on stage. An undeniable 1st position. I love you people.

MS Hall
I missed it. I won't cook up stuff. I heard there was some entertaining stuff put up by them - and no, I am not talking about the music. A 70's film style confrontation between the singer and the guitarist. Unbelievably besura singers, incomplete drumsets. A Reality TV treat - no tinku burger is worth missing this.

SN Hall
Did you know that 52% of statistics are made up on the spot ? Also, that 90% of SNites learn how to play the drums - they divide the work such that no female plays more than 2 drum pieces. An active musical chair game running parallel to their show - democracy allowing everyone to play everything.
Ignoring all the silly analysis, I think they put up a good show. A great improvement from last year was that it wasn't a single person oriented show. Apart from showing slight disrespect for classical music, they crowds cheered for all other songs - 'Do lavzon ki hai', 'Mere Khwabon mein jo'. Kudos to the females for winning 3rd place.

I sat through the chaos that happened after the show. But out of true respect for the G.Secs and fear of writing something stupid, I won't document my views.

My god...is it already over ?
I hope not.