Some things just can't be explained

"So there are these good robots and bad robots living on a planet."

And here I started smirking.

"Stop laughing! It's not that bad a movie."

"Oh sorry. No I am still listening. Go on...So the good and bad robots are living on the same planet?", I said.


"Ok. So what happens?."

"Apart from the robots, there is this cube of energy."

"A cube of energy?" I interrupted.

"Yes! A cube of energy."

"Ok. Just confirming..." To keep the conversation flowing, I smiled within.

"So the cube of energy lands on Earth. And the good robots follow it and land on earth to protect it. They are disguised as cars."

"As cars? Why cars?"

"Because they can transform into such stuff. That's why they are called Transformers.."

"Oh! The good robots are called Transformers?"

"No they are all Transformers. The good robots are called Opus Prime. And the bad ones are called ...I forgot...Magnet something.."

"Like...Magnetron?" I suggested.

"Yes, something like that. Let's call them Magnetron. So the bad robots Magnetrons also land up on Earth to steal the cube of energy."

"Are the bad robots disguised too?"


"No disguise? Not even like buildings?"


"But if they wanted, they could transform into buildings?"

"Yes, probably."

"Ok. Go ahead."

"So then there is a battle between the Opus Prime and the Magnetrons. The US army is also involved in a way."

I assumed the army was fighting from the good robot's side and hence didn't pose the question.

"Then the leader of the good robots slams the cube of energy into the heart of the magnetron leader. The cube breaks and the bad robot leader falls to the bottom of the ocean."

"That's the story?"

"No, this was just Transformers1. I haven't even started the sequel story yet..."

I take a few seconds to absorb the Magnum Opus plot.

"Before the story, there is some more funda about the Cube of Energy."

"Ok. Go ahead", I said, mentally preparing myself.

"The cube is powered by a Sun Harvester, where all the energy comes from for the cube."

"A Sun Harvester ?"

"Yes. Then there is also a key to the Sun Harvester, called The Matrix...."

And then, at that specific moment, I gave up.

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  1. You are awesome. You are phenomenal. You are too good. You are out of the world.

    Aisi sati ki Jai ho! Jai ho! Jai ho!

  2. eh? I haven't seen Transformers but I can imagine what kind of impression you had of the movie when you heard it from your friend. Lot of these sci-fi movies are similar.

    Talk of Matrix - I didn't find it to be as good as it is hyped up to be. Only thing, they spend a lot of money on visual & acoustic effects.

  3. Don't know what to make of this one! Who were u hearing it from? I bet it was not that bad a movie... If you really wanna get a taste of crap, go see Paying Guests! Or actually don't bother at all !!

    @Anonymous -- Aisi sati ki jai ho is a dialogue am hearing after quite a while... Thanks for that! Reminds me of the good old Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron.

  4. Hmmm...technically the Matrix was featured in the original Transformers movie way back in 1986, years before the Matrix movie even came out... :-)

  5. Simply awesome post

  6. ee dusra anonymous kaun a gava saala sasur ka naati. Humar cheating mat karo warna thik nahin hoga. bata rahein hai pehle se. fir na kehna ki pehle bataye nahin.

    Iyer baby, I will tell you something. You rock jaanu-sweetu-babu! Please on't go for Rakhi Sawant. Hum tumhara swayamwar karte hain! but we will rig it like all reality shows and i will win. ok? Please ask your friend to organize arrange the swayamwar.

  7. HA HA HA HA!

    To all those who worship this nonsense! Someone once told me,"I pity those who have to act in this, we at least end our suffering in 2 hours!"

  8. cud have been much worse... imagine a story like some nuclear scientist who did not get enough hope, change and tax cuts defects to the bad robots. He plots to assassinate the American president. Our hero has been suspended from the good robo service and lives in oblivion disguised as a Garbage truck in Texas. He is contacted by the highway patrol to save the president.


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