Who Does it Better - Pediasure or Enfagrow ?

In this Who Does it Better series, we will contrast 2 pieces of communication with very similar objectives and evaluate which brand does a better job for the defined objective. Examples used in this series will be common FMCG categories so the application of communication principles feel real. 

For this exercise we will use a simple framework called 'ABC': Attention, Branding and Communication (also expanded to ABCs in some forums). 

Let's begin our journey with the first communication set for 2 brands Pediasure and Enfagrow (Malaysia campaigns)

MFD (Milk Food Drinks) 
Target AudienceMothers with children 3-8 Years
Insight'I am always looking for better ways to help my child grow and develop (faster than others)'

Watch the 2 ads below:

Enfagrow A+ - Breakthrough in child nutrition

Pediasure - See improvement in growth

So who does it better ?

First let's evaluate Enfagrow.
'A' Attention - The creative is below average on distinctiveness. The heavy proportion of time spent on the science of DHA and MFGM is not engaging. There is lack of focus on the mother & the child's growth.
'B' Branding - The creative is average on branding. Typical brand elements like the logo, pack, brand name are reinforced in the ad and MFGM as an RTB (reason to believe) is also a consistent ingredient. However Enfagrow's role is not central to the benefit of child nutrition. 
'C' Communication - The creative would score quite low on this element. The dramatic focus of the communication is on the product ingredient (MFGM) and mode of action (DHA complex) and sidelines the child benefit of growth and nutrition. Consequently it communicates multiple things and does not unlock interest.

Now let's look at Pediasure.
'A' Attention - The creative is above average on distinctiveness, The mother & the child's growth is central to the ad and can grab attention. 
'B' Branding - The creative is strong on Branding. Pediasure plays a clear role in the child's transformation (8 weeks later) and hence is central to the communication. Other sticky branding elements like the purple colour help as well.
'C' Communication - The creative is strong on this element. The dramatic focus of the communication is solely on child growth and there is a relevant RTB (25 key ingredients) supporting this claim. Visualization of the benefit (child growth) is very impactful and will unlock interest.

So for this first exercise we have a clear preference for Pediasure as a better piece of communication. What are your thoughts ?

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