D-War: The Rebirth of Legend

Director,Writer Hyung-rae Shim in an interview about his latest movie D-War, to be released in India.

Interviewer: Thank you for sparing time for this session.

Hyung: It took me five years to get this movie in shape - from conceptualizing it to its actual direction. Don't worry. I have lots of time.

I: For our eager readers (who have no intention of watching this creation of yours), could you please sum up the movie, explaining the enthralling plot in a few words?

H: Yes Of course. Its based on the Korean legend - "unknown creatures will return and devastate the planet. Reporter Ethan Kendrick is called in to investigate the matter, and he arrives at the conclusion that a girl, stricken with a mysterious illness, named Sarah is suppose to help him. The Imoogi makes its way to Los Angeles, wreaking havoc and destruction. With the entire city under arms, will Ethan and Sarah make it in time to save the people of Los Angeles ?"

I: I am confused. Why does a Korean legend involve Los Angeles and tall skyscrapers ?

H: Well, we had to tweak the legend a little bit. But I hope its going to be a fresh enriching experience for the viewers.

I: I am sure they will be at the edge of their seats. But tell me Mr.Hyung, how did you decide on this theme/story for your hollywood debut?

H: I felt Hollywood hadn't explored this genre of films - of large creatures taking a city by terror. It has a lot of scope for sensitive storytelling, or exploring human relations. I thought the year 2008 was the right time for such a launch.

I: I don't get you. Haven't you seen the Jurrasic Park Series and Godzilla?

H: No. I know Mozilla. But what is this Godzilla?

I: It was a movie released in 1998. It had a large mutated lizard in the City of New York, "wreaking havoc and destruction".

H: Yes. My movie may seem familiar to this Godzilla. But its different!

I: How is that?

H: Well, the creature in the other similar movies you mentioned run amok on the streets of a congested New York city. My creature runs around in L.A. It flies too!

I: No Mr.Hyung, I was talking at a more thematic level...

H: Oh Ya....Well does your Godzilla movie have a cool scene where the large monster slithers upwards on a tall skyscraper ? Does it? Does it?

I: No. I take that point. Even then, I think the creepy-building-climbing scene would probably take up a minute of the whole footage? What about the freshness of the plot?

H: We have a spirit engulfing a female, the spirit leading to a birth of a large no of dragons, building destruction, the marines and U.S force defending the city, lot of fire, some Lord-of-the-Rings type of armoured men and a love story in between all this.

I: Thats Bullshit.

H: Its a matter of perspective.

I: Hmm...moving on...What do you think is special about your movie?

H: We've used lots of cool special effects.

I: I noticed....Anything else?

H: We made the large creatures fly in animation. You know...with wings and all.

I: I noticed that too....That was very innovative. Anything else?

H: To thrill the audience to the next level, We had some gripping moments in the movie involving the lead actors...

I: Ahh...a kind of car skittling down a congested road with the monstrous 700 ft monster giving them a hard chase scene?

H: Wow, how did you guess!

I: (.....)...Anything else ?

H: Amm.....

I: Mr.Hyung, we wish you all the best for your India release. Its got a 3.8 rating on IMDB after its US release. Nevertheless, we are sure Indians will love your creation.

H: Domo Arigato.

I: Mr.Hyung, that is 'thank you' in Japanese. You are Korean.

H: Whatever.

(trailer available here )


  1. agreed.

    I also wonder if they will still call it 'D-WAR' in India where it will sound like an animated english version of the original Deewar.

    Probably not a bad idea. People might get fooled into thinking its the story of 2 lost brother beasts (the 'BHAAAAAIIYYYAAAA' hug at the end of the trailer definitely adds credibility to this theory.

    I want to 'speedwatch' it on my comp just to see how bad it sucks.


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