Off with your head

Dear Vague Acquaintance,

Why did you choose to add me on Facebook?
Maybe you thought I would take pleasure
In reading 25 Random Things About You, and
Which Friends character you resemble the most

Maybe your status messages are quite delicious
And ooze copious wit
And your hallowed scores in Online Ludo
Delight your wondrous friends

Maybe you want to express niceties
By wishing me on my birthday
Throwing a sheep at me
Or hollering Nice Pic when your creativity fluids dry out

Well, no thanks

Sure, we went to the same college
Or have a friend in common
Well that's not my doing, is it?

In your spree of increasing your size
It might have missed your attention
That I spent a long happy time
Without your presence in my life
And did fine too

I would have preferred to dislike you
But I'd have to know you to do that
And for having briefly imposed yourself
And cluttering my online space
I'd have liked you to read this rant
But hey!
You'd have to be on the list for that

I don't know you
I don't want your presence
700+ was a mistake on Orkut
which I sure am not committing again

As you click on my name
Overcome by Facebook deja vu
Let me rid you of doubts
Yes, I did reject you
And I'd be happy to do it again
In the words of the Queen
Off with your face head!

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