Logic Fail!

(the title is a tribute to my current favourite Fail Blog!)

Logic Fail
: A seemingly correct response derived from logic which is inappropriate, inaccurate or absolutely wrong.

Recently, I was subjected to a besieging task of expressing my opinion to a girl about a guy's pictures. Fact is guys cannot opine about guys. We can make quite rich comments about girls - from poignant descriptions to details bordering grotesque territory. But pictures of males can at best evoke a qualification response.

Hence, I sent the same response back.


Verbosity failed me at an opportune moment. The bottomless well of colourful opinions dried up. I've been told that through those two innocent letters, I had sent additional signals of indifference and insensitivity.

Logic: Brain thinks 'ok'. You say 'ok'.
Logic Fail!

The problem is one doesn't learn from logic fails. It is quite possible to commit another blunder of same or higher degree. Here's another:

There are four friends A,B,C,D; A, on his birthday, receives wishes from B. But he requests B not to remind C and D since they have forgotten. Should B respect A's request and not remind them, or should he remind C,D to have them wish A (even though A has asked him not to) ?

In this gripping tale of friends and dilemmas, I was B. After A's (Suhaib's) birthday had passed, I was not completely convinced about my decision. Creating fictitious characters from A to D, I posed this question to 8 other gtalk friends. What should B have done?

All eight said not reminding would be stupid/insensitive/silly/dumb. Apart from that, the gaali I got from C (Prerna) and D (Satbir) was a lucid signal of a bad judgement.

Logic: Friend says don't remind. You don't remind.
Logic Fail!

I've saved the best kissa for the end.

This incident is about an year old. Prerna, along with big suitcases, had to be dropped to the station one night from the campus. Tejvir was accompanying her in the autorickshaw. To drive back Tejvir from the station, one more guy had to trail them on a bike. As we stood chatting after dinner, the options left were Suhaib, Satbir and I.

At an appropriate moment, Suhaib apologetically took a step away from her. "I am sorry. I have some crucial work now. So I can't go out."

That left just Satbir and me. Prerna waited for a response from either of us. We looked at each other and gave a shrug (a mix of either way and whatever). We were both jobless and competent bike riders. The solution was quite obvious. No, volunteering did not pop up as an option in my brain. Instead, I sensed that since both of us are ready, only the purest form of decision making suits the occasion.

So I pulled out a coin and said, "Let's toss for it. I'll go tails."

Satbir and Suhaib coldly started at me. Apparently leaving such a task to the god of randomness does not reinforce friendship. Before the coin could flip in the air, Prerna turned red and screamed "Stop it! None of you needs to come." The crisis was resolved rapidly. Satbir mounted the bike and left with the auto. On the way to the station, Tejvir repeatedly convinced her that I was being funny and it was one of those stupid jokes.

But I wasn't joking at all. It was just another Logic Fail.

Bonus Material:
Before Satbir took off on the bike to reach the station, he leaned to me and said, "I don't know why we went through all that. Maine pehle hi soch liya tha ki mein jaaunga (I'd already decided I'll drop her)." That is why I insist, that Satbir in conversations chooses to miss the most important pieces of information.


  1. toss! damn, never saw that coming...

    nice bunch of frnds you have!


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