If only these could be put to good use...

- The ability to identify a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode by watching just a few frames
- Guessing the mystery killer / twist in the movie 10 minutes before it is revealed
- Looking good in a leather jacket
- An intense dislike for Shahrukh Khan
- Google Wave
- Claiming that one can identify if a girl is a virgin just by looking at her (true story)
- Singing pyaar hume kis mod pe le aaya loudly in a college party
- Quoting Seinfeld in seemingly appropriate situations
- Being 3 times stronger/cleaner/sharper/brighter/more effective/
- College tshirts with the college name plastered in an obscenely large font size
- Late comebacks
- Additional unnecessary bullet points


  1. What do u have against late comebacks :) Good laundry list though!

  2. Make a bet with someone on them and then win it.

  3. why the intense dislike for SRK?


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