Protestors want Protestors to be removed

The National Happy Dog Association of India has protested against protests made against the film title of Slumdog Millionaire. The latter protestors have an issue with the 'offensive content' in the title.

Miss Loveleen from Dadar (Mumbai) said, "You know my dog fluffy was quite happy before these protests started happening on the streets of Mumbai. He would eat his food and do potty properly. Look at him now!"

If these protests lead to action, the film might be renamed to Slum dash Millionaire or Slum dash Crorepati. This will seriously undermine the credibility of dogs - not only the slum kuttas, but on a wider global scale.

A certain conspiracy theory also suggests this has been triggered and financed by the rival group National Cat Association of India. "By undermining dogs, they are trying to capture the 'Man's Best Friend' equity. We shall not allow this long-term strategy to succeed." Current plans include revitalizing the Dog's image - renaming Dev D to Dev Da Dogs and Dilli 6 to Dilli 6 Amazing Dogs.

No dogs were available for comments.
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