But you never mailed...

Dear Andrew Gale

I can't believe I got fake-email-IDed by you.
It hurts.

Till my group reached the resting point Laban Rata, we feared that we'd not have any 'cool pics' to share on facebook to boast about our accomplishments at Kinabalu. And then we met you - a blessing from New Zealand. As we were led together up the Kinabalu summit by the guide, I earnestly indulged in small talk with you. My favourite monologues were those on 'Tandoori Roti and Other Indian Breads' and Kolkata. Didn't you like my detailed description of my university?

All I had asked from you when we reached the top was to patiently click my pictures using your obese SONY Digital SLR camera. Apart from solo shots, Vikrant and I had made only six-seven poses in front of the 4095M summit board. I am told that the pictures, had I received them by email, would have been quite spectacular.

But you never mailed.

You may question why two Indian men of decent physique did not carry cameras of their own for such a momentous event. Well that is because we wanted to optimize. We thought it was wiser to carry our backpack all the way to the summit, because you never know when you might need a change of underwear and a shave. All the other enthusiasts were pretty silly to climb light and not carry anything except their cameras. That includes you.

You may have also got a bit peeved by the way I sipped disproportionate amounts from your water supply. I should have sensed your mild discomfort from our company by your accelerated descent on the climb down to Laban Rata. Had it not been for your extended breakfast at the lodge, I am sure we'd have missed each other. As we affably exchanged mail addresses, I was sure this was a friendship meant to last decades. But like a cruel joke, you fake-email-IDed me!

In desperation I tried all combinations - andrew_gale, andrew-gale, andrewgaleyoumoron. Each bounced mail etched a painful scar on my Kinabalu experience. All I have for memories from the Kinabalu summit is this generic wikipedia picture.

I waited and wept. But you never mailed.


  1. Kewl. Nice one. :)

  2. @Vamsi - Yes. It's not away from any of my personality quirks :)

    @ Satbir, Kriti - Thanks

  3. You sound too arrgant my friend! Let s see what you do when your time comes.

  4. @Anonymous: Thank you for the caveat. I am sure when 'my time comes', I'll be prepared for ominous developments caused by my arrogance.

  5. Haha, awesome post. I must confess I've been slack about emailing photos to randomly-met people... I'll be nicer now.

  6. Some wise man once told me "Time flies" and that "History repeats itself". I want to tell the wise man that I now believe that he is wise after all. And to the readers that it was none other than Angelina Jolie!

    Iyer - Am reading this post after a good 8 months thanks to email processing issues. Though I am fairly certain I never fake email Ided you. But your posts just dont seem to come that often.

    Why am I writing this?? Not coz I was a co-victim at the hands of Mr. Gaali, but because my heart is bleeding at being meted out the same treatment - Only this time it was a neighborhood friend from the Dutch-land. Only this time his name was Paul and his cute-looking girlfriend (also Dutch). Only this time I was directly at the receiving end and not a poor guy trusting Iyer's instincts and judgement of a Sheep-man. Only this time :(

    Why is everyone reading this? Because they will choose to! Not because I asked them to!

    @ Afrin - Don't slack out my friend. Jiski photo ho use bhej diya karo! Dard hota hai... Bahut dard hota hai mere dost !!

    @ Anonymous - I am arrogant too. What to do? Have been living with Iyer was a year now. Now that you know that - Fuck off! Aur agar Hindi samajhte ho to Gand Marao!


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