I, Robot

This week I attended a play with my friends called The Wedding Album. The play, written by Girish Karnad and directed by Lilette Dubey, was quite interesting for all of us. This small incident is of course no blemish on the quality of theatre work.

After the play, the director (Lilette) and the cast sat on stage to have a discussion with the audience. One person posed a question about the difference in the way the play was perceived in different regions. So Lilette responded.

'I find it heartening to see audiences across countries react to our work. It touches them at the same level. It makes us realize even though we may be separate geographically, as humanity we are binded by the same emotions.'

The audience heartily smiled.

We were pleased with the self-indulgent praise. Just by watching a play, we had managed to unite humanity. Ah, the noblest act of all.

Savouring the effect she had created, Lilette went on a bit further. 'In fact it is quite surprising, audiences seem to behave in very similar ways. You give the same reactions to the scenes. You even laugh at exactly the same moment as each other.'

We froze.

What the hell? Are we so predictable? I thought I was different.

This stunned silence lasted for just a few chilling seconds. But being an ace theatre guru, she knew how to twist our emotions back to normalcy.

'But as an audience you also picked up on some other moments and saw the humour in that. You were very receptive in the play. That was really special for us.'

Phew! We are not robots.
Happiness resumed.


  1. she did seem a bit of an elitist, though...

  2. watch Vagina Monologues ( by Dolly thakur and group) if u get a chance..
    btw wedding album was a very sad experience for me.. ddnt like it .. but dubey never asked :)


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