The Package

25 points to the readers who can guess what this is:

To be revealed in the next post.

An additional 90 points if you correctly guess from which country it was bought(Hint: It's not Singapore).


  1. Tissue paper from Japan!! :P

    ok. that has to be the saddest guess ever but hey!! i tried!! :P

    P.S: Nice blog u got here!! :)

  2. looks like bubblegum wrapping, but then I'm trying to be creative and I'd say condoms! The fruity variety maybe, given the oragen color!

  3. looks like tissue paper - from korea?

    and are those points that you are giving out like the ones that drew carey hands out? :)

  4. it looks like "kho" written wantonly in one of the oriental scripts.

    Considering your blog page it has to be something that brings out laughter :)

  5. I agree with fervid blogger [:p]

  6. soap
    or some snacking item

  7. @ Revathi: 0 points for the guess. But I'll give you 5 for complimenting the blog.

    @ Maxdavinci: 0 points for the guess. 7 points for creativity!. I am not sure what condom comes in a square shape, but hey! you have a fresh approach :)

    @ Akshay: 0 points for the guess. 90 points for the country! And I guess the points query has been answered implicitly here! As of now you are winning the quiz! Congrats..

    @ Mukund: No guess no points!

    @ Fervid: -2 points for a terrible guess!

    @ Shweta: 0 points for the soap guess. And I'll be evil and not consider the 2nd guess.
    Hint: that was a hint...

  8. Korean Ginsing dude! & obviously it has to be from Korea..

  9. Why didn't I see this before .. I'm in Korea for God's sake!


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