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Did you read this news about the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) issuing a legal notice to Vodafone for indulging in cruelty to animals ?


AWBI claims - "The pet dog was made to run, gallop and chase the school van for a long time on a public road. Thereby, the dog was made to undergo severe pain and suffering due to the exhaustion caused by chasing (the bus)."

Dear AWBI,

It's a dog.
Its name is Rocky.
Dogs are happy chasing objects.
It was the dog chasing the bus and not the bus chasing the dog, which could have been interpreted as bullying behaviour (in which case you could have also filed a complaint against automobiles).
Had the Ad been made for say a Sumit Mixie or Ambuja Cement, then you might have had a point - since a heavy bag or carton isn't a dog's favourite play object.

But the pug is carrying a tie.
A tie!
Get a life you losers.
And find some other way to gain attention.

A Vodafone Fan

In line with Vodafone's positioning of VAS (Value Added Services), the Customer Care TVC is one of the best ads aired in year 2008 (close competition being the 'Kabhi Kabhi' ad again made for Vodafone).

Nirvana Films, aware of such inanities, had also got a 'post-shoot fitness certificate duly signed by the veterinary doctor'. But apparently thats not enough for AWBI.

Maybe we viewers should file a petition against AWBI, for making us undergo severe pain and suffering due to the exhaustion caused by their stupidity.

On a completely different note, IPL is turning out be an awesome entertainment avenue. Here are two interesting articles providing more insight about its marketing and success.


  1. Seriously ... In name of animal welfare, they attain great heights in absurdities!

    PS - Even Coca Cola is inviting such reactions from AWBI in the ad which shows parrot's birthday ... They are forcing the parrot to celebrate and eat the food that humans have prepared from it and keeping the poor creature away from its natural environment

  2. the animal activists aside....vodafone seems to have a cult following of its ads...wonder if thats really what the company paid for to the agency!


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