1. It rarely digs up the right message when I try to search through my old mails.

2. I receive atleast 3-4 spam messages every day, in contrast to gmail, where I barely encounter one spam message in a month.

3. They have started inviting these roll-over ads, which accidentally assumes that a flicker of my mouse over the ad space is an indication of my interest. The ad balloons up to 4 times its size, with no recourse to close or skip it. It is quite painful.

4. And this was the Yahoo News snippet I received on my mailbox on April 25th, 2007. (Notice the date of the Holi news).

Most of my online news inputs are currently through Google News. The News widget on iGoogle is quick, updated and customizable.

I have never clicked a single item on this box of yahoo news to explore it further. But the absurd backdated news prompted me to document this blunder by Yahoo.

I know my mailbox isn't Yahoo's direct source of money. But contextual advertising and sponsored links will be fruitful iff there are loyal users. Online users should continue to receive and send mails, check news, view games etc on Yahoo services for the advertisements to utilize Yahoo's online spaces. Users are rapidly getting smitten by gmail; And Yahoo of course is losing the battle.

Althought Microsoft is no saint when it comes to useful updates and innovation (Int.Explorer v.s Firefox), the current status of Yahoo is clearly depressing. But I hope that if the Microhoo! deal comes through, then the change will bump Yahoo to do something worthwhile.

Note: In case you aren't sure about Yahoo's business model, find more information here and here.