Kyonki Impression ek din mein nahi banta

Brand Managers spend quite a lot of time deliberating over usage of brand ambassadors, debating the pros and cons. The Parachute team had decided to put together a stunning combination of Yuvraj and angry-boy SreeSanth for their Parachute Shower products. Here's a recent one being aired on television.

The Team must have spent quite a lot of time coming up with synergy analysis like:

1. Yuvraj and SreeSanth possess an on-the-field chemistry which will definitely lend some bonus equity to our campaign.

2. Given an existing imagery for SreeSanth, a personality transformation from an angry cricketer to a more composed individual will lend credibility to our proposition.

3. The campaign can be propogated to further line extensions using the same theme, thus effectively leveraging the current brand imagery.

But what do you do when your brand ambassodor gets slapped in front of 8.6 million viewers ? In fact, if newspapers publish the photograph of him whining and shedding big fat Kings-of-Punjab tears, can you do anything about it ?

Yes you can.

Since news channels would anyway be busy with unrelenting coverage of this faux pas, all Parachute needs to do is buy product-placement or ad spaces in all these programs. As SreeSanth whines and Bhajji abuses and the world gapes waiting for some more drama, you can milk all the advertisement benefits including brand recall, comprehension, empathy, sympathy and all that stuff.

Still, a weak, angry, displeasing and (recently discovered) sniveling brat is not the best deal for any brand manager. I can just imagine the team at Parachute silently cursing Bhajji - "Teri Maa Ki...."


  1. did you check out the new pepsi "jashan" campaign where they have used sreesanth slapping incident? it seems to be a better attempt than other TVC's where people are just celebrating nothing.

  2. sad analysis....

    the ad claims that the usage of the product makes a better impression.

    in the incident sreesanth had provoked bhajji and hence got the slap. its a different Q if he deserved it or not.

    a crying man never makes a better impression and neither can emotions like sympathy , empathy etc be attributed to making a better impression.

    apart from this cricket comes very expensive in this country so you cant buy all the media space there!


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