The Comeback

I received a call this morning. As I grunted lying on my bed, my mobile was promptly brought and dumped next to me. As it lay ringing and whining, I resigned and unwillingly stared at an unknown number. I picked the call and politely grunted. The voice at the other end said, 'Arre...Sonu hai kya?'

I shouted back, 'Subah subah wrong number lagate ho. Sharam nahi aati hai kya!'

The man was audibly dumbstruck. Expecting no intelligent response, I cut the call and went back to sleep.

In the ensuing hours of the day, there were two seperate observations made at home.
First - Does 8.30am count as subah-subah?
Second - Despite being a Dilliwaala, how come the guy didn't scream back at me? Is there no appropriate comeback for the line ? [in bold above]

There was a weak suggestion - "Wrong number lagaane ka koi time nahi hota hai.", but its not acidic enough!

What is your opinion :) ?


  1. kuchh machaye ho Iyer.... subah subah :P
    bechaara halu reh gaya hoga 15 min tak :D

    humko pehchaane ki nahin... ?? :)

  2. Murphy's law - Wrong numbers always come at wrong times

    So wrong time is actually the right time for a wrong number!

  3. beta apno se kaisi sharam :)

  4. a typical dilliwala response
    "to wrong no. liya kyun tha, jab dhang se reply nahi kar sakte"


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