Why you should use Google Reader

If you do any of these activities on the Web
1. Read Blogs
2. Keep track of news
3. Look for specific content (e.g. articles on Web Analytics)
Or would like to
4. Share your favourite articles with your friends
5. Read more in less amount of time

Then an RSS aggregator (like Google Reader) is the right tool for you.

What does Google Reader do?

It helps you to Aggregate content (collect from various sources like blogs, websites); Sort content (tag them, mark them as starred); Recommend content (share them,mail them). Believe me, once you start using it, it is addictive!

How to use Google Reader

There are some excellent tutorials on getting started with Google Reader (find links here and here). There are three ways in which you can read stuff using this tool.

(1) Google Reader Window (For Beginners)

Once you are logged into gmail - in a new tab, type http://google.com/reader/

Add subscription(s) as is explained below.

(2) iGoogle (For IT Comfortable People)

Add the widget for Google Reader onto your iGoogle. All items can be read from within the same page.

(3) Within Gmail Window (Using IT Geeks)

In case you use GreaseMonkey, install scripts (this and this). All reading can now be done from within Gmail.

Subscribing to RSS Feeds

In your opened google reader window, to subscribe to any feed, copy the link, then paste it in the Add Subscription box (marked in yellow below).

The web has immense amount of interesting content. And it requires some effort to read exactly what you want to read.There are normal ways to do this, and there are smart ways. Please choose the smart way!


  1. its got this cool new feature where u can download stuff to read offline later too..

    not to mention it helps u in being the first to post a comment too :D

  2. I didn't know people are eager to comment...karo karo :)

    I'll capture more Google Reader goodies in some other post. promise.

  3. Ok...
    How much munney did Google give you for this?

  4. Hi Arvind,

    Thanks for dropping by and ur comment. Glad that you liked the concept. :-)

    Always welcome to give ur comments.


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