Harry Potter 7

Warning: spoilers, ending and lot of cribbing in the post.

I am not going to complain of the excessive length of the book.
I am not going to whine about the gruesome markup on the book.

The final sour flavour in my brain was spurred by not the collective bunch of chapters in the beginning, but by the last chapter titled "Nineteen Years Later"
Why would an ardent or a mild Harry Potter fan want to visualize his teen chum as an aged father with 3 kids cheesily christened Albus, James and Lily? (If Suhaib's analysis holds true, then Rowling definitely ran out of new names!)

I'd like to draw an unfortunate but strong analogy to Karan Johar's movie "Kal Ho Na Ho". Remember the scene after the long drawn out death of Shah Rukh Khan (Die! Die! Die!). You'd be led to think that the end has arrived (Yes! I can move to the red exit now). And suddenly, this comical caricature of Saif Ali Khan, this white haired buffoon rubs cheek to cheek with an equally dumb old woman Priety Zinta. And your brain screams - No! I did not want to see that!

The dramatic ending of the book - slaying of Voldemort, everyone cheerful, fat giants leaping with joy, Dumbledore's speech from a photoframe (wasn't he dead?) and all other little nuances are wiped out with 3 pages of unnecessary clutter. And like a Hindi movie script, Rowling rams the fact that Hermione and Roy ka chakkar chal raha tha. I get you! There is adequate representation of main characters, clutter of little goody-too-shoes like Neville and of course, Draco had to sprout kids too. Fine. I get it. There is a whole new bunch of Hogwart morons.

Is this a devious plot to create another series?
I hope not.


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